Student Alumni Association Teams

Student Alumni Association Teams

The Student Alumni Association (SAA) will accomplish its goals by dividing student members into teams. The association is comprised of six executive members and 20 student team leaders.  These members will lead six different teams. 

The teams are as follows:

  • Executive Team (6) plus or minus

    (Advisory body of SAA) 

    Represents their team at the quarterly Board of Governors meeting.

    Staff: Kristi Cordier, Class Affinity Coordinator

  • Networking Team (3)plus or minus

    Works with University Advancement and Career Services staff to implement programs that connects students and alumni on campus.  

    Staff: Kristi Cordier, Class Affinity Coordinator

      • Regional Student Liaison Team (5)plus or minus

        Partners with the Alumni Society’s regional alumni clubs to create student-alumni engagement networking and service events during the Fall, Winter and Summer Breaks, in their hometown area.

        Current club areas: New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Lehigh Valley and Scranton.

        Staff: Alex Rizzi, Regional Engagement Coordinator

        • Philanthropy Team (3) plus or minus

          (also known as Students Helping Students)

          Works with the Annual Fund office and organizes events that provides textbook scholarships for students in need at The University of Scranton.

          Staff: Angela Foster, Assistant Director of Royal Fund.

        • Senior Programming Team (4)plus or minus

          Assists with senior programming, such as Shamrockin’ Eve, Grad Finale, Welcome Parties and Senior networking events.  These events help seniors transition to becoming effective members of The Alumni Society. Team members must be current seniors.

          Staff: Kristi Cordier, Class Affinity Coordinator

        • Beyond the Commons Team (4)plus or minus

          Organizes a series of small dinners throughout the current academic year.  Each dinner gives students the opportunity to dine with alumni while discussing a particular topic. This team will organize 10 Beyond the Commons dinners and a pilot program called Dinners for 12 Strangers. Dinner for 12 Strangers is an opportunity for alumni, faculty, and staff to host a dinner for 12 University of Scranton students.

          Staff: Kristi Cordier, Class Affinity Coordinator

        • Reunion Team (10)plus or minus

          As alumni-in-training, students facilitate the success of Reunion by creating a welcoming atmosphere for returning alumni and offering support throughout Reunion weekend. 

          Gain valuable insight to event management and build relationships with successful alumni at Scranton’s largest alumni event. 

          Team members must be current sophomores or juniors.  They must be available, on campus, June 20 to June 22, 2014. Interested team members cannot study abroad during the Spring 2014 semester and must be available for conference calls with Reunion class committees. 

          Separate applications and agreements will become available at the end of the Fall 2013 semester.

          Staff: Lynn Andres, Associate Director of Alumni Relations