A chapel with a large crucifix suspended over the altar.

In Memoriam

September 11, 2001

God is Light and in Him there is no darkness at all. 1 John 1:5


Michael Costello `96

Timothy Finnerty `90 (also Husband of Theresa Cassillo Finnerty `93)

Charles Heeran `00 (also Brother of Bernadette Heeran `05)

Timothy Robert Hughes `80 (also Brother of James Hughes `79)

William Kelly `93 (also Brother of Kathleen C. Hamilton `85, Colleen M. Kelly `84, and Meigan Kelly `94)

Relatives of our Alumni

Timothy Betterly, Son of Donald A. Betterly `53

Francis H. Brennan, Brother-in-law of Charles Carey `75

Herman Broghammer, Father of Amy Broghammer `01

Timothy Coughlin, Brother-in-law of Ellen Waznik Coughlin `77

Barbara Edwards, Mother of Douglas C. Edwards `91

John Farrell, Brother-in-law of Christine Allen Farrell, `94

Ronald Fazio, Father of Lauren Fazio `01

Peter Galenas, Cousin of Kevin Walsh `73, Deidre Walsh `00, and Ian Walsh `02

Gary Haag, Son-in-law of Gerard R. Roche `53

Patrick Hoey, Father of Michael Hoey `99

Anthony Infante, Father of Marie Infante `00

Ronald Kloepfer, Brother of Michael Kloepfer `91, Brother-in-law of Valerie Terista Kloepfer `91

Thomas Knox, Brother-in-law of Mark Doolan `85

Thomas Regan, Brother-in-law of James Papp `81

Paul Rizza, Husband of Elaine Minnick Rizza `92

Leonard J. Snyder, Jr., Brother of Christopher Snyder `90, Kathleen Snyder `94, Mary Snyder Coolican `88, and Nancy Snyder `92, and Brother-in-law of John Coolican `88

Relatives of our Students

Kevin Bozarth, Cousin of Megan McCaffery `05

Nicholas Brandemarti, Cousin of Alexis Rendelman `05

Lydia Bravo, Aunt of Amy Bengivenga `03 and Robert Bengivenga `04

Donald Burns, Uncle of Bryan Reed `04 and Patrick Reed `02

Martin Eagen, Cousin of Jeffrey McKeever `04

Terrence Farrell, Uncle of Thomas Tiedeman `03

Alfred Fillpov, Cousin of Lori Carter `05

Florence Gregory, Aunt of John Gregory `02

Martin Lizzul, Cousin of Rachel Henry `03 and Maureen Henry `05

Peter Martin, Uncle of Christopher Adams `02

Thomas O’Hagan, Uncle of Daniel Malone `04

Matthew O’Mahoney, Cousin of Tara Borland `03

Stephen Roache, Uncle of Katie Shepard `05

Christopher Sullivan, Cousin of Siobhan Clearly `02

David Weiss, Former Husband of Karla Weiss `94, Graduate Student

William Wik, Cousin of Victoria Vincenzi `02


Sadly, we recognize that this list is not complete. We also remember the relatives and friends of the students who have passed through our University since the tragedy. 
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