Spaces designed for students



The University of Scranton maintains a strong commitment to promoting a student-centered learning environment.  Thus, student spaces are a prominent feature of the new building. These spaces are designed to be comfortable and welcoming, and will provide a much-needed home for students.


The image below shows an illustration of a section of the second floor in the new construction.  The spaces colored orange are dedicated to students.


Floor Plans showing student spaces Study Space

The orange spaces outside the faculty offices (A) are unofficially designated as "tutorial spaces" (above, right), where one or more students can meet with faculty (or where faculty can meet with each other) and engage in academic or intellectual discussions.  The spaces outside the research laboratories (B) are designed to give research students a space for data analysis, interaction, collaboration, and informal "down-time".

Other spaces in the building (C) are designed as informal gathering spaces.  An example of such a space is shown below.

Informal Study Space

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