Impact on research

The laboratories in the LSC are designed to provide state-of-the-art research spaces, as well as foster interactions among faculty and students who share common research spaces.  These laboratories, shared by four to five faculty, are designed to have ample open space, with numerous sight-lines within the laboratory.  This will allow more frequent interactions between individuals in the laboratory space.


These daily interactions are critical to our educational commitment because they encourage students to be active participants in the research process, and to learn from each other.  The development of the collegial and collaborative atmosphere is critical to our pedagogical approach and to the educational transformation of our "students" into "scholars".

This open, shared design also allows for efficiency in design and use of common equipment, contributing to the sustainable design of the facility.

These labs are highly-visible from the hallway as well as from other laboratories and offices.  It is our goal to put "science on display" and highlight our commitment to science as a human endeavor.

Such common research spaces provide flexibility to our research operations allowing for future expansion of our faculty as well as adapting the laboratories to ever-evolving research needs.


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