Common Spaces

"Imagine a visitor confusing the science center for the student center"

This statement was part of the original vision statement for the Loyola Science Center.  It is our goal to make the LSC a welcoming environment for all people on campus.  We especially encourage the "non-science majors" to come in and partake in the excitement and energy of science.  We feel that it is very important to realize that the thought process of scientific inquiry and investigation is broadly applicable to a variety of other disciplines.


The atrium will be the "grand entrance" of the building and will serve as a beacon to welcome all who enter the LSC. There will be comfortable and inviting seating and a nearby "coffee shop".

There will be an "Occasion Room", which is designated as a more formal gathering space.

Lecture Hall

The nearby lecture hall will seat 150 and serve as a public venue for events, as well as a room that can accommodate large curricular or academic events (such as invited speakers, symposia, and the like).

stairs and student areas

The different floors of the building will be joined by short stairways. The stairwell will be surrounded by numerous overlooking student areas.

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