Celebration of Student Scholars

The University's Celebration of Student Scholars event is usually held in the Loyola Science Center Atrium. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent restrictions on in-person activities this year, we will give our seniors and graduate students the opportunity to present their research/scholarly projects in a virtual format.   

Faculty and students have been notified by email regarding the registration process.  If you have any questions, regarding this years virtual event, please contact jamesina.hayes@scranton.edu.

Meet the 2021 Student Scholars

Excellence in Research

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) is excited to present the scholarly efforts of our seniors and graduate students! The achievements of these students are particularly impressive given the difficulties of the past year. While we could not host our annual Celebration of Student Scholars, the students listed below have provided descriptions of their scholarly projects. Their work is displayed in the accordions below. Scholars have received pins to wear on their graduation robes that demonstrate their Excellence in Research.

College of Arts and Sciences

Amanda Tolvaisa
Faculty Mentor:  Billie Tadros, Ph.D.

The student wrote a paper and researched anorexia nervosa.

Denise Pinto
Faculty Mentor:  Kathleen Dwyer, Ph.D.

This student researched arabidopsis thaliana plants.

Elena Donato
Faculty Mentor:  Robert Smith, Ph.D.

Elena did research on catbird feathers.

Emily Bernard
Faculty Mentor:  Hank Willenbrink, Ph.D.

Emily wrote a play and responds to the works question.

Emmanuel Aidoo
Graduate Student
Faculty Mentor:  Nicholas Sizemore, Ph.D.

The student researched with the professor trans annular cyclization's of medium-ring amido alkenes.

Jacob Myers


Faculty mentor:  Timothy Foley, Ph.D.

Jacob did his study on chemical pathways.

Jake Selingo
Faculty Mentor:  Arthur J. Catino, Ph.D.

Jake researched tetraarylmethanes.

Jessica Fanelli
Faculty Mentor:  Robert Smith, Ph.D.

Jessica researched the avian communities.


Jessica Goldschlager
Faculty Mentor:  Yamile Silva, Ph.D.

Jessica did research on the Kraepelinina model.

Jithin George
Faculty Mentor:  Patrick T. Orr, Ph.D.

Jithin did research on long term high-fat diet in mice.

Jonathan Rizzo
Faculty Mentor:  Jeff Gingerich, Ph.D.

Jonathan did research for the Slattery Center Humanities Fellowship Project.

Joshua Rudolph
Faculty Mentor:  Andrew LaZella, Ph.D.

Joshua did research on Psychological Cinema.

Karlee Ruth
Faculty Mentor:  Joan Wasilewski, Ph.D.

Karlee did research on Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Direct link to MP4 video

Molly Elkins
Faculty Mentor:  Bryan Crable, Ph.D.

Molly did research on type VI secretion system (T6SS).

Muhammad Shaaf Sarwar
Faculty Mentor:  Declan Mulhall, Ph.D.

The student(s) did research on photon diffusion.

Direct link to MP4 video

Parita Ray
Faculty Mentor:  Cara A. Krieg, Ph.D.

Parita did research on songs and the songbird species.

Quinn Stanford
Faculty Mentor:  Billie R. Tadros, Ph.D.

Quinn researched gender and the journey of this "poet."

Panuska College of Professional Studies

Alicia O'Toole
Graduate Student
Faculty Mentor:  Michael Bermudez, Ed.D.

Students did research on sleep.


Anthony Puglisi
Graduate Student
Faculty Mentor:  Peter M. Leininger, Ph.D.

The students did research diagnostic ultrasound.

Cassandra Cavaliere
Graduate Student
Faculty Mentor:  Julie Nastasi, Ph.D.

The student(s) did research on the efficacy of sensory integration techniques.

Elizabeth Filachek
Faculty Mentor:  Deborah Budash, Ph.D.

The student(s) did research on 3D printed upper extremity prostetics.

Kailyn Angelo
Graduate Student
Faculty Mentor:  Renee Hakim, Ph.D.

The student(s) did research on effects of medical cannabis on quality of life.

Kaitlyn Brogan
Graduate Student
Faculty Mentor:  Tracey Collins, Ph.D.

Kaitlyn did research on Smart Homes to assist older adults.

Kathleen O'Reilly
Graduate Student
Faculty Mentor:  Tracey Collins, Ph.D.

Kathleen did research on frail older adults.

Kristina Reid
Graduate Student
Faculty Mentor:  Professor Lisa Kozden

The student(s) researched occupational therapy and tele rehabilitation.

Michelle Calogero
Graduate Student
Faculty Mentor:  Tracey L. Collins, Ph.D.

The student(s) did research on home health Physical Therapy on readmission rates for individuals with COPD.

Timothy Gray
Graduate Student
Faculty Mentor:  Nicholas Rodio, Ph.D.

The student(s) researched the effect of rest on recovery time in children with a concussion.

Direct link to MP4 video

Kania School of Management

Catherine Farrell

Faculty mentor:  Satya Chattopadhyay, Ph.D.

Student did research on marketing and the Internet.

Traevon Martin
Faculty Mentor:  Satya Chattopadhyay, Ph.D.

Traevon did research on Juvenile Delinquency.

Weinberg Memorial Library

Casey Welby
Faculty Mentors:  Professors Michael Knies and Colleen Farry

The student researched and prepared an exhibit.