Education Materials

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs offers both on-demand webinars and books for faculty and staff to aid in proposal planning and writing.

If you are interested in a webinar or a book contact Therese Kurilla at to make arrangements. Note webinars can be borrowed and viewed during a convenient time. Books will be given to interested faculty or staff to aid in the proposal process.

On-demand Webinars:

•    An Investigators Guide to NIH Funding
•    Application Review Strategies: What to Look for Before You Hit the Submit Button
•    Export Controls: Considerations for the Academic Community
•    Family Foundations: A Rising Force for Research Funding
•    How to Expand Your Research Niche in a Tough Economy
•    Interdisciplinary Research Teams: Who to Include, Who to Avoid, and How to Manage Effectively
•    Mining for Gold: Acquire and Retain Foundation Funding
•    NIH Biosketch: Present Your Capabilities Effectively
•    NIH Research Strategy: Actionable Next Steps to Develop a Winning Proposal
•    Successfully Tapping Unusual Sources of Research Funding
•    The Quest for Foundation & Private Funding: 3 Key Strategies Every PI Should Know
•    What Do Grant Reviewers Really Want, Anyway?
•    Writing Excellent Proposals

Books Available:
•    The Grant Application Writer’s Workbook – National Institutes of Health Version
•    The Grant Application Writer’s Workbook – National Science Foundation Version
•    Proposal Panning & Writing