Field Sites for Education Students

Royal Spartan Tutoring Program

The Royal Spartan after-school tutoring program has been in existence since 2016.  It is a result of the positive commitment that exists between the PCPS Field Office and our partner schools.  This tutoring program was developed as a collaboration between the Field Office, Education Department, and administration/staff from the Mid-Valley School District to provide a mutually beneficial learning experience for both University of Scranton students and students from the Mid Valley School District.  This program not only provides critical school based experiences for many of our secondary education field students in their area of study, it also supports the academic learning in a variety of subject areas at Mid Valley Secondary Center.  Click here to learn more about Mid Valley Secondary Center.


Valley View Intermediate houses students in grades 3-5, and is one of four schools in the Valley View School District.  The Field Office works in close cooperation with Valley View School District, and the Intermediate School regularly hosts our field students and student teachers.  Our students also work closely with Valley View Intermediate School students during the after-school tutoring program, which is held four days per week at Valley View Elementary for the duration of the school year.  Both elementary and intermediate school students attend this after-school program.  Our pre-service teachers have both academic and social interactions with district cooperating teachers and students attending the program.  Click here to learn more about Valley View Intermediate School.


Evergreen Elementary is in the Western Wayne School District.  Just about every semester, some of our pre-service teachers work with the students and cooperating teachers at Evergreen Elementary.  This provides our students with invaluable experience in a rural school district.  Besides Evergreen's rural setting, they are also one of the only schools in the area that is universally eco-friendly.  Not only does the school focus on conservation, they also use environmental components as a learning tool.  For example, Evergreen Elementary has a rooftop garden and an on-property greenhouse.   Click here to learn more about Evergreen Elementary.
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