Registering and Enrolling in Taskstream

As an education major, you are required to have an active Taskstream account subscription throughout your entire program. Please ensure that your subscription is active and does not expire at any point in the academic year. You are not required to purchase duplicate accounts if you already have one for another education course. Click here for information on how to create/renew your Taskstream account.

If you are creating a Taskstream account for the first time (or if you change programs), you must enroll in the appropriate program: PK-4, Middle Level, Secondary, or Special Education. 

Uploading Clearances to Taskstream

If you have an education course that requires field hours, you must have clearances that are current and valid for the entire semester.  Any clearance expiring before the end of the semester is not valid.  This means you must apply for new clearances.  Click here to get more information on how to apply for clearances.  The video below shows the procedure on how to submit clearances to Taskstream.

FCRA Documents on Taskstream

On Taskstream, there is a section titled FCRA Documents. This addresses the Fair Credit Reporting Act and how it relates to your clearance requirements.  Unlike clearances (which you have to renew each year), these documents only need to be completed ONCE.  There are 3 total documents that are relevant to this process:
  1. CFPB Summary of Rights- we ask you to read this- it is simply informative
  2. Background Check Authorization- read, sign and date- upload to Taskstream
  3. Background Investigation Disclosure- read, sign and date- upload to Taskstream
The video below will show you the process of completing and uploading your FCRA documents to Taskstream.

Field Site Information on Taskstream

On the right side of your home screen (under My Links) you will see Education Field Placements (see image).  Click on Education Field Placements to find contact information for your assigned site during the current semester.  This will only appear if your clearances are up to date and uploaded to Taskstream, and you have completed the FCRA documents (one time only).  When you make initial contact, email your cooperating teacher.  If you do not hear back in a few days, you can call the school and leave a message for your cooperating teacher.  Always take copies of your clearances and photo ID on your first day.  (Some Pre-K sites will also ask for your certificate from the mandated reporting online class)

Signing Off on Your Field Hours