Matthew McGovern , '17

Matthew McGovern  portrait

Epidemiologist / Data Manager

Morris County, New Jersey

I graduated from the University of Scranton in May of 2017 with a Community Health Education degree and a concentration in Nutrition. Upon graduation, I attended Montclair State University to pursue my Masters of Public Health and graduated in May of 2019.

Worked in Substance Misuse, Prevention and Recovery Field

After graduation, I was hired by Preventions Key, a Morris County, New Jersey community-based organization that is dedicated to substance misuse and prevention, education, and recovery. From September 2019-November 2020, I was the Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) Project Coordinator. This initiative is an evidence-based protocol that evaluates students ages 9-20 for substance misuse behavior(s).

I recruited schools to participate, provided technical assistance, created needs assessment surveys, and collected, analyzed, and tracked data for the students screened. I also assisted on other substance misuse prevention initiatives educating the community through age-appropriate programs, and conducted research projects on numerous subjects including drug use trends, gang violence, and school-based active vs. passive consent. I created a youth based needs assessment survey that aimed to evaluate e-cigarette use behavior, perceptions and attitudes.

Collects and Analyzes COVID-19 Data

Currently, I am working on a collaborative project between Prevention is Key and the Morris County Division of Public Health as the LINCS COVID-19 Epidemiologist/Data Manager for Morris County, New Jersey. I worked on the collection and analysis of COVID-19 testing site data, cases, contacts of cases, emergency department visits, hospitalizations, ICU admissions, and deaths. I evaluate vaccination-related data at the county-level via data from the state and Atlantic Health. I created reports conveying the current trends for county planning. I promote COVID-19 awareness and vaccinations, and have participated in an collaborative educational campaign with Atlantic Health.

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