Speech-Language Pathology Program

The design of the distance learning graduate degree program targets the basic science of human communication including the biological, neurological, acoustic, psychological, developmental, and linguistic and cultural aspects, to develop an understanding of what happens when communication and/or swallowing processes are impaired across the lifespan, while providing the student with a Jesuit, Catholic education. The degree program has been designed to accommodate students from across the United States and beyond by providing a blended learning environment spanning two academic years (21 to 24 months). The length of the degree program is determined by the student’s selection to complete the program either with or without an area of specialization. The student may choose to solely complete the 63- credit hour degree program of study or select the 63-credit hour degree program of study with specialization in healthcare. The healthcare specialization is an additional 10 credit hours dispersed over the  24-month timeframe. This is full-time program with no option for part-time study. 

The 63- credit hour graduate degree program of study covers 4 semesters (two 7-week cycles per semester, for a total of 8 cycles), and one summer session (8-weeks). The eight cycles of academic work will be provided in a synchronous remote learning environment with recordings available for students outside the Eastern time zone to participate asynchronously. Summer session, year one will include the first of three clinical in-person education experiences. The three practical experiences will take place as a residency (1) and residential (2) field placement. Students who are interested in working in medical settings across the continuum of care (i.e., hospitals, skilled-nursing facilities, out-patient clinics, etc.) and across the lifespan may elect a Healthcare Specialization for an additional 10 credit hours, covering two intersession terms (each for 2 credit hours of coursework) provided in a remote synchronous learning environment and one additional residency summer session for 6 credit hours over the span of 10-weeks (5 credit hours of coursework and 1 credit hour of residency field placement).

The overall curriculum is designed to provide a program of study sufficient in depth and breadth to achieve the specified knowledge and skill acquisition (KASA) outcomes stipulated in the 2020 Standards for the Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) in Speech-Language Pathology (CFCC Standards) and the 2023 Standards for Accreditation of Graduate Education Programs in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology (CAA Standards).

Speech-Language Pathology Curriculum Sequence and Course Description

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