Student Resources

Our undergraduate faculty are committed to training human services professionals who will excel in their careers. Resources are available for students to facilitate professional identity development and academic success. The following resources provide important information and support services for our students.

Fitness for the Profession

Faculty are ultimately responsible for assessing each student’s personal and professional fit for the major and for the human services profession. The academic and personal standards for undergraduate CHS students are provided in the department’s “Fitness for the Profession” policy. All students will be responsible for adhering to the standards as part of their professional identity development.

View the Fitness for the Profession policy

Undergraduate Program Manual

The undergraduate program manual is available for all majors. Students can access the program manual via the website here or in hard copy form from the department. We expect all majors and minors to become familiar with the academic/curricular procedures and policies, additional information and all of the requirements for graduation.

View the Undergraduate Program Manual 

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