Meet our Writing Consultants

The Writing Center employs a variety of outstanding students from various academic backgrounds with different writing specialties. We have both graduate and undergraduate consultants. Please read about them before booking your first appointment to connect with a student in a similar field or with a particular focus.
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Writing Consultant Bios

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Dimitri Bartels-Bray  [he/him/his]

My name is Dimitri, and I’m a senior English and Political Science major. I began working at the Writing Center in Spring 2023, and I’m skilled in both creative and academic writing. I’m most familiar with MLA and APA format, but I have some experience with APSA and Chicago as well. On campus, I am also the Social Media Manager of the International English Honors Society and a Slattery Center fellow. While I spend most of my time focused on my studies, I love to write fiction in my free time as well as bake and travel. Currently, I am having an essay of mine published in an anthology! 


Samantha J. Bedolla [she/they]

My name is Sam. I’m a graduate student from Idaho here pursuing a master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I’m a first-generation college student, and first-generation American who is somewhat bilingual. I speak English very well; I understand a lot of Spanish, but my fluency in Spanish as a speaker is conversational at best, and limited in many academic areas. I completed my bachelor’s degree in 2021 with a major in psychology and sociology, and three minors (human services, criminal justice, and natural science), so I’m most comfortable with APA, but I also took a lot of English classes over the course of my undergraduate studies because I genuinely enjoy writing, so I’m well-versed in MLA. Although I’ve been tutoring since 2018, the Spring 2023 semester is really only my second semester at the University of Scranton, and my very first semester tutoring here. In my free time, I spend a lot of time listening to music (much too loudly), and attending concerts or music festivals (basically, I’m a little hard of hearing), but generally speaking, my hobbies and interests are pretty scattered.


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Anthony Bogar [he/him/his]

Hi! My name is Anthony Bogar, most people call me Ant though. I’m a sophomore Political Science major with a minor in Criminal Justice and a Legal Studies Concentration, and I intend on becoming a lawyer after college. Since coming to Scranton, I’ve always wanted to become a writing tutor, so I’m very excited to start my work as one in the Spring 2024 semester! Rest assured, I have had plenty of experience helping people write and have been writing creatively since 2013, which I plan to continue to pursue and one day become an author. No matter the writing format, I am familiar with it all and I am confident in my ability to help other people become better writers. In my own time, I enjoy creative writing, exploring, making videos and scripts, and video editing!  

Bethony Belkowski [she/her/hers]

My name is Bethany Belkowski. I am a senior in the SJLA program double majoring in English and Public Policy & Service. I specialize in creative and academic writing in the humanities and social sciences. I am most comfortable writing in MLA and APSA, but I also have experience writing in APA. Outside of class, I am a member of the Jesuit National Honor Society, the National Political Science Honor Society, the International Philosophy Honor Society, and International English Honors Society, where I previously served as Historian and head of Public Relations. I also serve as the Editor-in-Chief for the University’s literary magazine, Esprit. In my free time, I like to hike, learn new recipes, and write poetry!

A picture of Myracle, a student tutor at the Writing Center

Myracle Brunette [she/her/hers]

Hi! My name is Myracle Brunette, but my friends call me Myra for short. I am a sophomore Theater Major with a General Business minor. As a Theater major, I'm often involved in productions for The U of S Players. I am a member of The U's hip-hop dance team, Urban Beats Crew. Speaking of clubs, I'm also a part of The United Cultural Organization and The Black Student Union.  I only speak English but I'm working on my Spanish speaking skills, so I can only understand a tiny bit.  Being a theater major, my classes consist of a lot of creative activities and writing. Regarding writing styles, I'm somewhat educated in APA, but I am much more skilled and comfortable with MLA. During my free time, I'm often traveling to fulfill modeling gigs. Some hobbies I enjoy doing include watching Netflix, drinking Starbucks, hanging out with friends, listening to music, sleeping, dancing, baking, or exploring new foods.  


Danielle DePasquale [she/her/her]

My name is Danielle DePasquale. I am a graduate student pursuing a master’s degree in Occupational Therapy. I started working as a writing consultant in Spring of 2020. As an occupational therapy student, I am most familiar with APA format; however, I have experience with MLA format as well. Throughout my time here, I have often worked with ELL students and was an ELL Conversation Partner for OSSS. In the past, I have also worked for the writing center during Intersession and Summer semesters, so I am comfortable with all three appointment styles available. As an undergraduate student, I was a member of the Student Occupational Therapy Association, and I was involved with clubs like Beading Hope, Colleges Against Cancer, and the Neurodiversity Inclusion Association. Some of my hobbies include yoga, reading, and listening to music. 

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Caitlin Doughton [she/her/hers]

My name is Caitlin Doughton. I am a senior with majors in Biology and Philosophy, minors in Biochemistry, Theology and Religious Studies, and Latin, along with a concentration in Health Humanities. I am a member of SJLA, and this fall, I will be attending medical school. I began working as a writing consultant in spring 2021. My writing specialties include Philosophical, Scientific (Bio, Chem, Labs), and English course writings, along with APA, MLA, and Chicago formats. I am an Off-Campus Senator on Student Government and President of the Remote Area Medical Club. I love yoga, pilates, skiing, the beach, and traveling! 


This is a photo of Julia Edmonds, a tutor in The Writing Center

Julia Edmonds [she/her/hers]

Hi! My name is Julia Edmonds and I’m a junior Journalism major with a minor in Spanish. I’m ecstatic to start my first year at the Writing Center! I’ve always loved to read and write since I was young, so becoming a writing consultant was a great way to create a use for my skills, so I’m excited to offer my help to those who need it! I used to be a student who was nervous to go to the Writing Center for help, and now that I’m on the other side of that interaction, I want to help students who may also be hesitant to ask for help. My career here as a Journalism major also allows me to dig deeper with research, work on numerous papers, and strengthen my editing abilities. These are all skills I’d like to translate into assistance at the Writing Center to help students learn and grow. I’m most comfortable with MLA format and AP style (journalism-style formatting), but I have experience with APA and Chicago as well. In my free time, I’m a member of the photography club, play intramural volleyball, and I’m in Rho Tau Eta, the Department of Communication & Media’s Distinguished Leaders Program. I’m excited to start this semester as a new writing consultant and help others and also learn more myself!   

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Kristen LeFebvre [she/her/hers]

My name is Kristen LeFebvre and I am a graduate occupational therapy student. As an undergraduate student I was an occupational therapy major and counseling and human services minor with a lifespan development concentration. Based on the classes I have taken, I am most familiar with APA and MLA format. I began working as a writing consultant in the fall of 2023 and I love it! I enjoy helping people strengthen their voice and become more confident in their writing. 

Vanesa Figueiras [she/her/hers]

My name is Vanesa Figueiras and I am a senior Kinesiology major with a minor in Counseling and Human Services and a concentration in Nutrition. I started working as a writing tutor in the spring of 2022. I am bilingual – fluent in both English and Spanish – and I am very comfortable conversing and writing in Spanish in addition to identifying any discrepancies in translation. I am a member of the Physical Therapy club as well as the Society for Sustainability and Conservation. I also enjoy hiking, traveling, and listening to music!


Lauren Kraemer [she/her/hers]

My name is Lauren Kraemer, and I am a senior Occupational Therapy Major with minors in Writing and Psychology. I began working in the Writing Center in the fall of 2022. I am well-versed in APA format and scientific writing, particularly research papers. My Writing Minor has also given me tons of experience with various creative genres, including fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. I am also familiar with rhetorical analyses and reflection papers. On campus, I also serve as co-chair of the Mission Committee for USPB, an editor for Esprit, and a member of both the Knitting Club and SOTA. In my free time, I love going to concerts, exploring new places, being outdoors, and doing all things creative, such as crocheting, painting, and (surprise) writing! 

Stephanie Lehner [she/her/hers]

My name is Stephanie Lehner, and I am a Biology and Philosophy double major in SJLA. I became a writing consultant in the fall of 2021. I specialize in Scientific (Biology, Physiology, and Chemistry), Philosophical, and English writing, which includes both APA and MLA format, since I have taken a wide variety of courses. I am involved in many clubs on campus and am the President of Habitat for Humanity, the President of Art Club, and the Vice President of Biology Club. I am also a TA for Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy Lab with Dr. Howey.  

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Faith Montagnino [she/her/hers]

[she/her/hers] [English and French] 

Hi! My name is Faith Montagnino, and I’m a sophomore English major with Writing and Philosophy minors in the SJLA and University Honors programs. The spring 2024 semester will be my first semester with the Writing Center! I specialize in creative writing pieces, humanities research papers, and academic writing generally within the liberal arts. I am most familiar with MLA format, but also have extensive experience with the APA, APSA, and Chicago styles. I also have relatively fluid reading knowledge of French, should you need any help with translation or writing in another language! On campus, I’m a student research fellow with the Slattery Center, general editor for Esprit, member of the English International Honor Society, and Company Manager for the University of Scranton Players; I’m also involved with HerCampus Scranton and the U of S Writing Club. I love listening to music, being on stage, and creatively writing in my free time! 


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Brenna Parker [she/her/hers]

My name is Brenna, and I’m a junior English major with a communication minor. This is my first semester at the Writing Center and I could not be more excited! I specialize in both creative and academic writing, more specifically in humanities courses. I’m most familiar with MLA and AP formatting but can help with Chicago and APA as well if needed. With experience in both the English and Communication departments, I am able to help students clearly communicate their arguments, points, or theories through their writing clearly and effectively. Outside of class, I am the Editor of HerCampus Scranton, an online publication club dedicated to empowering college women. I am also a member of Esprit, the University’s literary magazine, and of Sigma Tau Delta, the International English Honor Society. My hobbies consist of cooking, poetry, and reading, and my social life consists of movie-watching, coffee trips, and listening to music with the windows down. 

Owen Stanczak [he/him/his]

My name is Owen Stanczak. I am a senior Psychology & Philosophy major with a criminology minor and a concentration in peace and justice studies. I am currently enrolled in the SJLA program. I started working in the Writing Center in the fall of 2021. I specialize in APA and MLA style writing. I am the President of the Fencing Club, the Vice President of the Philosophy Society, and an editor for Esprit. I am also a Resident Assistant and have been an Orientation Assistant for the past three summers. I also assist with research in the Forensic Psychology Lab, the Social Psychology Lab, and have completed my own independent research project.   

Eamonn Wizeman [he/him/his]

My name is Eamonn Wizeman, and I’m a senior Political Science major. This is my second semester at the writing center, and I specialize in academic writing in humanities. I have experience with MLA, APA, and Chicago; however, I am most familiar with MLA. I’m a member of the mock trial team, and I was on the executive board of my high school debate team, so I am very comfortable with persuasive writing. I’ve taken several history and criminal justice courses on top of my political science classes, so I am familiar with writing in social sciences. Additionally, I am also well acquainted with writing for philosophy and theology classes. My interests outside of class include sports, reading, cooking, and baking. 


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Megan Zabrouski [she/her/hers]

Hi! My name is Meg, and I am a senior English and Philosophy double major. This is my first (and, unfortunately, my last) semester working at the Writing Center, but I’m super excited to be a part of the team! On campus, I’m a tour guide, editor and production manager for Esprit, co-director of the all-female a capella group, vice president of the International English Honor Society, and a member of the SJLA program. While I’m very familiar with MLA, I also have experience with Chicago and APA formats. As I approach post-grad, I aspire to work in book publishing. I specialize in creative writing and humanities research papers, but as a semester-long biochemistry student, I know my way around a lab report. In my free time, I enjoy cafe hopping, reading, being outside, and curating Spotify playlists. 



Working as a Writing Consultant

Working in the Writing Center can be challenging and rewarding. Consultants develop a diverse perspective by working closely with a wide variety of students and disciplines. Being a consultant sharpens their own writing skills by giving them opportunities to view a multitude of writing samples and articulate their feedback. In servicing the campus community in this role, they live the Jesuit principle of “men and women for others.”

To learn more about becoming a Writing Center consultant, read the job description here.To apply to be a Writing Center Consultant, click here.

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