Other Writing Resources

Writing Partners

Our Writing Partnership Program allows you to meet with the same tutor at the same time every week to work on specific writing skills rather than working on a single paper. To sign-up, email  corinne.nulton@scranton.edu.

Conversation Partners

Meet once a week at the same time with the same student to improve your English-speaking skills through informal and friendly conversation. This resource is housed in our Language Lab. To sign up, please email hannah.jackson@scranton.edu.


Do you struggle with procrastination? Sign up for an accountabilibuddy to help you make a writing schedule that breaks up large assignments into manageable chunks. Learn how to incentivize your productivity and have a writing consultant hold you accountable to meet your weekly writing goals. To sign-up, email  corinne.nulton@scranton.edu.

Scranton Writes Resource Blog

Click here to check out our blog of writing resources made by Scranton students for Scranton students.

Instagram Quick Tips

Click here to follow us on Instagram for quick daily writing tips and to see what’s new in the Writing Center.
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