Student FAQs

How do I request/schedule a tutor?

Save the OSSS 'card' at for the Tutor Request Link.

Where do I go for my tutoring session?

Most tutors meet their tutee in the OSSS, LSC 5th floor unless otherwise coordinated.  Be sure to check your email for communicate from your tutor.

How do I schedule a session in the Writing Center?

On the OSSS 'card' at, click Writing Center Scheduling.  You can watch this video for instructions!

How do I request academic accommodations?

Click Accommodate on the OSSS 'card' at  On the left navigation bar, click Accommodation, then Accessibility Request and complete the questionnaire.  We will reach out to you via email.  For guidelines on documentation follow here.

How do I submit a Test Room Booking to take my exam in the OSSS?

In Accommodate, left navigation bar click Test Room and complete the form.  For instructions, follow here.
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