Accommodations Process

Process for Receiving Academic Accommodations

Below is an explanation of how the accommodations process works. You can also view and print out a step-by-step summary word document of the Process for Receiving Academic Accommodations.

Incoming University of Scranton students are notified to submit their disclosure of a disability, along with the completed verification form by the end of May. By the end of June, students should have submitted their documentation of their disability to the Office of Student Support & Success (OSSS) for review by the University’s ADA Committee.

Before the start of the semester, a OSSS staff member will email the students instructing h/she to attend the first three days of classes and compile the syllabi for each course. Once the students have attended each class on the schedule, they need to respond to the email and schedule an appointment to discuss the accommodations process and the specific accommodations for which each student would be eligible.

In the first three weeks of each semester, all students seeking academic accommodations must meet with a OSSS staff member to complete forms and receive faculty notification letters outlining approved accommodations, which they will take to their professors in a timely manner.

During the meeting, the student and professor will discuss the approved accommodations and how they will be implemented. If there are any questions, the faculty member and/or student should contact the Office of Student Support & Success (OSSS) for clarification.

If receiving extended time for exams, the student must register for scheduled exams using the OSSS on-line system at least five (5) working days prior to the date of the exam.  Exams will be taken at the scheduled class time. The student must consider any class conflicts s/he has right before or after class and approval and will need to be granted approval by BOTH the instructor and OSSS staff for alternate day and/or time.

*If a student fails to register for an exam in a timely manner, s/he may be unable to take the exam in the OSSS. (Professors need time to deliver the exam to the OSSS and a OSSS staff member must be available to proctor the exam.)

The student will arrive at the OSSS in a timely manner to take exams UNLESS other arrangements have been made in advance with the professor.

If students have questions or concerns regarding testing accommodations, or do not receive confirmation email, please contact the OSSS at or call 570-941-4038.


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