Center For The Analysis And Prevention Of Crime

Launched in 2017, the department's Center for the Analysis and Prevention of Crime combines faculty expertise, practitioner insight, and student learning to enhance the technological and analytical capabilities of students, police officers, and other criminal justice agencies in the regional community.

The purpose of the facility is to help police and criminal justice practitioners more effectively navigate the challenging criminal justice environment, while engaging students in a unique, hands-on opportunity to improve our greater community. 

The center partners with local and regional criminal justice and social service agencies. Department faculty use their expertise, along with state-of-the-art technology and techniques, in order to:

  • analyze the agencies' data
  • evaluate the effectiveness of agencies' programs
  • advise the agencies on how to  use resources more efficiently

The center also offers a Student Analyst Program, which allows students to work directly with criminal justice agencies and faculty on research, data collection and analysis.

If you are interested in working with our center or in learning more about our services, please contact Dr. Michael Jenkins at

In the News

Coverage of the center's opening:
University of Scranton Previews New Center for Crime Analysis - Fox 56, 7/10/2017

University Opens Center for the Analysis and Prevention of Crime - PA Homepage, 7/11/2017

University Launches Crime Analysis Center - Scranton Times-Tribune, 7/10/2017 

Collaboration with Scranton Police Department to analyze burglary statistics in the city: 
City, University of Scranton Team up to Battle Burglaries - Scranton Times-Tribune, 12/25/2017

Collaboration with Scranton Police Department in the creation of a drug crime/overdose intervention, which involves multiple criminal justice and drug treatment agencies. Together, CAPoC and SPD applied for and received a $700,000 grant from the US Department of Justice.  CAPoC and its student researchers will be the research partner on the proposed intervention and will provide on-going analysis throughout the implementation of the project.

The Scranton Times-Tribune wrote about the collaboration:
Scranton Eyes Pilot Pre-Arrest Drug Treatment Program - 2/1/2017

"Contract for Recovery" is a Worthy Plan - 2/2/2017

Scranton Pre-Arrest Drug Treatment Program Gets Grant Funds - 1/28/2018

Op-ed by criminal justice faculty members Dr. Michael Jenkins and Dr. Ismail Onat on the intersection of crime and poverty in Scranton:
Offset Crime's Impact on Disadvantaged 
- Scranton Times-Tribune, 1/14/2017

David Kerr, President of Recovery Advisory Group, highlights the benefits of the drug abuse prevention program jointly created by CAPoC researchers and local law enforcement officials:
Nine Suggestions Designed to Help Hard Core Criminal Addicts
 -, 2/20/2017

Editorial about how the center is a valuable resource for the City of Scranton:
Center Tears Down Walls" - Scranton Times-Tribune, 7/14/2017

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