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Criminal Justice

The mission of the Criminal Justice program is to provide a solid knowledge base in three principle sub-fields of law enforcement, courts, and corrections as well as understanding into the etiology of crime. The program teaches students to think critically about issues related to the system of criminal justice in the United States and around the world, fosters students’ writing and verbal communication skills relative to the field, promotes information literacy for all majors, promotes the application of theoretical knowledge to the field, and encourages insight into social justice issues in the context of the criminal justice system.

Pursuance of social justice issues will allow students to utilize their educational competencies to become men and women for others in the vision of Jesuit/Ignatian tradition. The curriculum also allows the student to prepare for all levels of government and private sector employment in criminal justice and serves as an excellent foundation for many graduate programs, such as criminal justice, counseling, social work, sociology, and law.