The University of Scranton Pre-Law Advisory Program is a pre-professional non-curricular program designed to help students navigate the law school application process. It offers guidance regarding course selection, LSAT timing, personal statement writing, obtaining letters of recommendation, application procedures, and law school selection during all four years of a student's undergraduate experience. The program works closely with our Legal Studies Concentration and also offers services and law school application guidance to University of Scranton alumni.

The information on this website is designed to help students and alumni with frequently asked questions about the law school application and selection process. Although it provides important information regarding our program, there is much more that the Pre-Law Advisory Program has to offer, and so it is important to contact the pre-law advisor, Dr. Matthew Meyer, if you are considering a legal career. Not only can he help you determine whether law school is the right choice for you, he can also place you on the pre-law email list to keep you informed of the various pre-law activities that are going on around campus. For students in the first or second year, he can offer advice about what major to choose and what courses will best prepare you for law school given your interests and background. For juniors, seniors, and even alumni, he can give you tips on LSAT preparation and counsel you through the process of applying to law school. So look over the contents of the website, and then contact Dr. Meyer ( to get connected with the Pre-Law Advisory Program at The University of Scranton.


Contact Information:

Dr. Matthew Meyer 
Associate Professor
Department of Philosophy
Loyola Science Center 568