Pre-Law Academic Timeline for Undergraduates

First and Second Years
•    Think about whether law school is right for you.
•    Concentrate on getting good grades in your general education requirements.
•    Look for a major that interests and challenges you.
•    Begin forming relationships with professors for future letters of recommendation.
•    Contact and meet with the pre-law advisor.
•    Get involved in extra-curricular activities such as the Pre-Law Society.
•    Take a practice LSAT exam to see where you stand.
•    Create and maintain an up-to-date resume.

Junior Year
•    Start looking at what law schools you might be interested in attending.
•    Set up an account with the Law School Admission Council (LSAC).
•    Identify professors who may be able to write you a good letter of recommendation.
•    Attend the law school fair at The University of Scranton or a LSAC forum to get information about law schools.
•    Think about what you will write for your personal statement.
•    Begin preparing for the LSAT in the spring semester (plan your schedule accordingly).
•    Take the LSAT in the summer prior to your senior year.

Senior Year
•    Sign up for LSAC's Credential Assembly Service (CAS) and submit transcripts (see here for more about CAS).
•    Refine the list of law schools in which you are interested once you have your LSAT score.
•    If you did not do as well as you liked on the LSAT in the summer, consider retaking the exam in September/October.
•    Line up your letters of recommendation well in advance of submitting your application.
•    Finish your personal statement and complete your application. For a checklist, see here.
•    Have your application and supporting materials ready by mid-term break and apply as early as possible.

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