Chemistry Research

Custom Built Vacuum Rack by Dr. David Marx

Their are several avenues that may be taken if you are interested in conducting research within the Chemistry Department.  

The four major avenues for entering into Research are:

As a Graduate Research StudentMS Programs and Tracks

As an Undergraduate Research Student:  CHEM 493-494, 847, or Honors Program

As a Faculty Student Research Program (FSRP) Student: FSRP Learning Contract

As a Technical Assistant:  This is a very popular option for those students who are not registered for a Program or for a Research credit.  Any year science major may be invited to perform research for any chemistry faculty member.

A research application form (WORD Doc) must be filled out by all research participants and returned to the chemistry stockroom.  In addition to this application you will need the following forms: Chemistry Department Laboratory Safety Manual, Safety Acknowledgment, Chemistry Department Laboratory Research Hours, and the Hazardous Waste Disposal Program guidelines.  Graduate research students need to submit their signed Research Proposal and Abstract.

The required forms may also be picked up at the chemistry stockroom, LSC070.

Upon completion of all forms and the necessary approval signatures, the applicant will be notified of their approval to conduct research within the Chemistry Department.

For more information on the current teaching and research interests of our faculty, please refer to the Faculty page.

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