Timothy Cadigan, Assistant Professor

LSC 371, 570-941-4348 Research and Teaching Interests: Responses of the immune system to malaria infection and how these responses change during pregnancy. Changes in the micro-architecture of the placenta brought about by presence of, and stresses induced by, malarial infection. Faculty Student Research Program (FSRP): Effects of acid mine drainage on the ethic micro communities in the Lackawanna River.
Additional Information: Works as a Catholic priest on campus and in the diocese of Scranton, Celebration of the Sacraments, Spiritual Direction and Counseling. Co-moderator of the Students for Life Club.

Michael Carey, Professor

LSC 251, 570-941-7544
Research and Teaching Interests: Sexual selection, mate choice, and parental care in birds and the effects of extra-pair mating and old field succession on breeding biology.
Additional Information: Hiking, canoeing, nature in general, science fiction, and nature photography.

Kathleen Dwyer, Professor

LSC 352, 570-941-6386
Research and Teaching Interests: Analysis and manipulation of genes involved in pollination, fertilization and development of the plant Arabidopsis thalania
Additional Information: Co-Director of the Catholic Studies Program and BCMB

Tara Fay, Faculty Specialist

LSC 254, 570-941-4395
Research and Teaching Interests: Studied the effects of aging on vascular endothelial function in the Integrative Physiology of Aging Laboratory at the University of Colorado Boulder

George Gomez, Associate Professor

LSC 395, 570-941-6355
Research and Teaching Interests: Olfaction (avian and human); nerve cell growth and function in vitro; cellular effects of hypoxia and hyperoxia
Additional Information: Core faculty for Neuroscience, BCMB, and Asian Studies Program; served as the project shepherd for the Loyola Science Center construction
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Michael Hardisky, Professor

LSC 394, 570-941-7514
Research and Teaching Interests: Remote sensing, wetlands ecology, production of greenhouse gases (methane and CO2) from globally significant wet biomes.

Gary Kwiecinski, Professor

LSC 292, 570-941-6387
Research and Teaching Interests: Reproductive endocrinology and physiological adaptations of vertebrates, especially mammals; bats biology and biogeography in the Carribean

Erica Lasek-Nesselquist, Assistant Professor

LSC 351, 570-941-7469 Research and Teaching Interests: Evolution of microbial eukaryotes, including genomic, transcriptomic, molecular phylogenetic and population biology analyses

Vince Marshall, Faculty Specialist

LSC 291, 570-941-5439
Dr. Marshall is currently the instructor and coordinator of General Biology Laboratories (Bio 141L/142L)

Christine McDermott, Professor

LSC 373, (570) 941-7506
Research and Teaching Interests: Teaches Genetics and Medical Microbiology

Marc Seid, Assistant Professor

LSC 274, 570-941-7970
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Research and Teaching Interests: Behavioral neurobiology and brain morphology in ants


Robert Smith, Professor

LSC 252, 570 941-6581
Research and Teaching Interests: Plant/animal migration; behavior, ecology, ecophysiology and conservation of Nearctic/Neotropical landbird migrants; physiological linkages between phases of an organism's annual life cycle.
Additional Information: Faculty advisor for the Biology Club and Tri-Beta

Maria Squire, Associate Professor

LSC 253, 570 941-4742
Research and Teaching Interests: Bone biology, Influence of genetics and gender on bone and skeletal mechanosensitivity.
Additional Information: Faculty advisor for Alpha Epsilon Delta

Michael Sulzinski, Professor

LSC 355, 570 941-4306
Research and Teaching Interests: Molecular biology of viruses and bacteria, particularly of plant pathogens.
Additional Information: Core faculty of BCMB

Terrence Sweeney, Professor, Department Chair

LSC 275, 570 941-7623
Research and Teaching Interests: Cardiovascular and microvascular physiology; cardiovascular modeling; Extreme Physiology travel course

Daniel Townsend, Professor

LSC 375, 570 941-6217
Research and Teaching Interests: Plant population and community ecology, stream ecology, and behavioral ecology of amphibians

Janice Voltzow, Professor

LSC 255, 570 941-4378
Research and Teaching Interests: Invertebrate functional morphology, focusing mainly on gastropod molluscs. Marine Biology.
Additional Information: Core faculty for Latin American Studies

Robert Waldeck, Associate Professor

LSC 273, 570 941-4378
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Research and Teaching Interests: Neural basis of behavior; modification of synapses and neural circuits under normal and injured conditions.
Additional Information: Faculty advisor for Temple Residency Program; core faculty for Neuroscience



Michelle Langan, Administrative Assistant

LSC 234, 570-941-6117


Renee Giovagnoli, Stockroom Supervisor

LSC 391, 570-941-7558