Concentrating on the student learning experience includes consideration of areas that lie outside of the direct academic and residential life of students. In order to address this wider context and to establish and clearly articulate these links, the Strategic Plan is grounded in the following principles:

  • Ensure that a University of Scranton education remains cost competitive to our student target market and allows families to avoid the burden of excessive student debt.
  • Implement a new business model that increases revenue, reduces costs and is directly guided by strategic priorities.
  • Use existing best practices and technologies to streamline and modernize operations and to lower costs.
  • Transform administrative structures to best position the University to respond to opportunities and market pressures based on our strategic priorities, including the creation of new programs and the regular assessment of existing programs.
  • Cultivate assurance of learning and student formation through continuous assessment to improve student achievement, retention, satisfaction, educational programs, and the financial practices that support them.
  • Ensure that the University’s capital campaign and development efforts, including outreach to alumni, parents and friends, work in concert with and in support of our strategic priorities, and that the entire University community is engaged in supporting this effort.
  • Preserve and strengthen the University's sense of community as one of our most valued assets and a core differentiating characteristic, emphasizing genuine concern for one another, transparency, communication, engagement, equity, and shared governance in the conduct of University affairs.