Planning Context

The University of Scranton is, by history and heartfelt commitment, a Catholic and Jesuit university. We view the world through this lens, and make strategic choices about our University’s future in the context of our mission and vision:  

artOur Mission: The University of Scranton is a Catholic and Jesuit university animated by the spiritual vision and the tradition of excellence characteristic of the Society of Jesus and those who share in its way of proceeding.  The University is a community dedicated to the freedom of inquiry and personal development fundamental to the growth in wisdom and integrity of all who share in its life. 

Our Vision: We will provide a superior, transformational learning experience, preparing students who, in the words of Jesuit founder St. Ignatius Loyola, will “set the world on fire.”

Developed collaboratively by our faculty, staff, students and other members of the University Community, The University of Scranton Plan: Engaged, Integrated, Global, has been framed by rigorous review and analysis of 

challenges in our external environment.  It is not a short list.  Demographic shifts, a tough economic landscape coupled with the rising costs of private higher education, fast-changing educational modalities, and still others press us to be creative and responsive in how we deliver a Scranton education.  However, “Given the quality and creativity of our institution, these challenges, while real and serious, need not be understood as negative. Rather, they present an opportunity to re-examine closely our mission and the presumptions and practices with which we approach that mission.” ~ Kevin P. Quinn, S.J., President of The University of Scranton. 


This call to re-imagine the University is answered through our Strategic Plan.  At its core are the Catholic, Jesuit context that gives meaning to who we are and what we do, and our shared commitment to provide the best possible student learning experience, one that is transformational for our students.  The plan will guide our work for the coming five years, though we believe its impact will be felt well beyond.

The origins of the Strategic Plan began back in 2010 – as soon as our strategic plan for 2010-2015 (Go and Set the World on Fire) was completed, the University’s Planning & Institutional Effectiveness Office, with the guidance diligent work of the University Planning Committee, began monitoring our progress. As we realized great successes in the plan’s implementation, we also understood that some of its goals, so closely tied to our mission – would require longer term commitments and additional growth. During that time, the University Planning Committee discussed a variety of environmental scanning activities, and discussed a number of the products of our institutional assessment initiatives. Together, these discussions led to the next phase of our institutional planning efforts, and the introduction of the Engaged, Integrated, Global construct for 2015-2020.

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