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Founder's Green

Capacity:  Unlimited (site visit recommended)

Recommended Events: 

  • Free play
  • Events requiring open space

Set Up:  Submit a work order to Facilities Operations

Food Service:  Yes

Accessible:  Yes


  • There are underground conduits (electrical and sprinkler) that can be damaged if anything is spiked into the ground unauthorized
  • Use of tents (staked or free standing) are permitted on the Green
  • Use of a tent or anything spiked into the ground requires submission of a work order requesting Facilities Operations staff to mark the Green before approval of the venue
  • If a spike damages the underground conduits due to the lack of a work order submission, repairs will be at the expense of the requestor
  • If the Green was flagged and the rental company hits the systems, the rental company is responsible for damage
  • Tables and chairs for this area need to be rented
  • Three - 20 amp circuits (two from the McDade Center for Literary and Performing Arts and one outlet on the pole on Linden Street)

Building Code:  FGR

Room Code:  ALL


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