Retreat Center



  • 24 double capacity bedrooms with baths able to accommodate 48 guests
  • 2 accessible bedrooms with baths

Main Meeting Room:

  • 37 on soft chairs and sofas 
  • Up to 38 additional folding chairs to accommodate 75 total tightly

Recommended Events:

  • Spiritual retreats/events
  • Meetings
  • University functions

Set up:  Limited set up by submitting a work order

Food Service:  Yes

Accessible:  Yes - common rooms, decks and two bedrooms


  • The staff person assigned to the group must be in attendance at all times
  • During the academic year, weekends are reserved by University Ministries for student retreats.  For available weekends contact University Ministries directly.
  • The Safety Responsibilities of Event Leaders and fire safety instructions are included in this handbook
  • Contact Facilities Operations at (570) 941-6267 to obtain the key to the center
  • Grounds - large shaded picnic area with tables, open playing area and parking
  • Kitchen - ice machine, large stove with broiler and grill, walk-in refrigerator/freezer
  • Chapel for religious purposes only facing the lake with seating for 60 people
  • Dining Room - 60 chairs set up at 12 round tables with 20 additional chairs
  • Large meeting room (capacity varies by room arrangement) with gas fireplace, covered deck facing the lake
  • Comfortable seating for 37 with the capacity to set up additional folding chairs
  • 38 folding chairs and some tables available
  • One discussion room for 12 - 16 people
  • Four discussion rooms for 6 people
  • Internet connection
  • Laptop computer on a cart connected to a data projector for presentations
  • Wireless access is available for laptops.  Search for wireless network and connect to the SSID named ROYALAIR.  Access is open with internet service provided by Comcast.
  • Large screen TV with VCR/DVD combination unit
  • Fold out display whiteboard
  • LCD projector
  • Overhead projector
  • Screen - 52" x 58"
  • Flexible lighing and ceiling fans in lake room and dining room 
  • Location - 287 Chapman Lake Road, Scott Township, PA 18433 (25 minutes drive from campus).  A map is included in this handbook.

Telephone number (570) 254-6489

Building Code:  CRC

Room Code:  B

Event Leaders Responsibilites

Read the fire safety instructions below to all participants at the beginning of the event.

Provide a safe environment regarding the fire safety regulations.

Enforce all fire safety rules and regulations.

Ensure that life safety equipment is not tampered with, for example:  fire alarm system components including pull stations, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, etc.

Ensure that exits and means of egress are not physically blocked, obstructed, locked, secured, etc. during occupancy.

Enforce no smoking or open flames restrictions inside the facility.  The burning of altar candles during Mass and the burning of one candle affixed to a holder for meetings or discussions are excluded from the restriction.

Ensure that emergency "EXIT" signs are not obstructed and are readily visible.

Designate and inform all participants of an emergency meeting area outside the building during an evacuation.

Ensure attendees are familiar with exit areas and means of egress.

Ensure that all inter-communal fire doors and fire tower doors in the facility remain closed not propped open.

Evacuate the facility IMMEDIATELY upon activation of the fire alarm system or an emergency.

Ensure evacuations are calm, orderly and performed in a safe manner.

Identify disabled persons that may need assistance in an evacuation and, if possible, appoint a participant to assist in their evacuation.

Ensure that evacuated individuals move away from the building a minimum distance of 100 feet.

Perform a complete participant accountability survey.

Provide immediately, all information about the situation to the responding fire department, i.e., location of persons in the building requiring assistance for evacuation, status of evacuation, and information about the cause of the alarm.

Ensure no one re-enters the facility until instructed to do so by the responding fire department.

Know the location of fire extinguishers for use by trained individuals.

Minimize trip and fall hazards such as turned up carpets, exposed and unsecured power cords, etc.

Fire Safety Instructions


"This life safety instruction is presented for your safety and well being while visiting the Retreat Center.  Smoking and open flames are prohibited in the Retreat Center at all times.  Please be familiar with your closest emergency exit.  In the event of a fire alarm, evacuation instructions, or the need to leave the facility immediately, proceed calmly toward the nearest "exit sign" and move away from the building.  During a fire alarm, the entire building complex is to be evacuated.  Moving to an area inside the building away from the location of the alarm does not constitute evacuation.  Do not stop in the doorway or in areas immediately outside the exit doors.  Maintain a minimum distance of 100 feet from the building.  Begin a participant inventory to ensure all visitors and staff have evacuated.  Report to the responding fire department the status of the evacuation.  Do not re-enter the facility, regardless of your understanding of the situation or cause of the alarm, until approved by the responding fire department.  Thank you for your assistance in ensuring a safe retreat."

Guidelines for Use of the Retreat Center at Chapman Lake

The Retreat Center at Chapman Lake is built to accommodate 50 people - 48 persons in double rooms - 2 people in two accessible bedrooms.

The staff person assigned to the group must be in attendance at all times.  If you have booked the Retreat Center you are responsible for the group therefore, you must be in attendance the entire time.

Please leave the house as you find it.

  • You are welcome to arrange the furniture for your needs but please return it to the original configuration.
  • There is to be no food in the Lake Room, meeting rooms, chapel or bedrooms.  Food is to be confined to the Dining Room only.
  • If using the kitchen appliances please wipe down the appliances after use.  Countertops should be wiped down and left clean.
  • Catering equipment should be rinsed cleaned and ready for pick up.
  • Food should not be left out, please refrigerate and/or dispose of properly.
  • All beds should be stripped.  Used towels and bed linens should be bundled and put into the blue bins at the bottom of the stairway.  Pillows and bedspreads are to be left on the bed.

This is a Non-Smoking facility.  Smoking is permitted outdoors only.

Pick up and return key to Facilities Operations located in Smurfit Arts Center.

Contact Information:

  • Retreat Center - (570) 254-6489
  • Residence Hall Maintenance - (570) 941-7650
  • University Public Safety - (570) 941-7888
  • University Ministries - (570) 941-7419

Emergencies - Dial 911

Thank you for your cooperation and assistance.

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