Annual Report System Changes

What's New This Year?

The new Annual Report System is a refreshed design  based on user feedback and system-wide assessment. In addition to the new look and layout, several key changes include:
  • The Department Report section combines two previously separate report sections - the Department Overview of outcomes and achievements, and the Future Plans narrative space. The Report also includes space for reflection and context related to departmental assessment activities, future challenges and opportunities, and resource planning, among other content. 
  • The Department Plan section combines two previously separate report sections that outlined new departmental goals and progress reporting into one space.
  • Resource requests templates have been updated to reflect additional data and details relevant to the nature of each request.
  • An Additional Documents folder provides "free space" for each department to gather, store, and share documents. Additionally, attachments may now be uploaded in each section of the Annual Report to provide helpful support documentation.
  • The new system design includes the ability to "export," via the main Annual Report Menu, and within each section, a CSV file.
  • The new system also includes the ability to print a full copy of the report on demand.

To reduce duplication of reporting across other platforms:

  • Separate Assessment sections of the Annual Report have been eliminated. For academic departments within the CAS and PCPS, any program assessment reporting required by the Office of Educational Assessment should be uploaded as an attachment to the Department Report section of the Annual Report.  Both academic and administrative departments are encouraged to share reflection on how assessment results have been used to improve programs and services in the Department Report section of the Annual Report, and showcase those activities via appropriate supplemental attachments.
  • The separate Faculty Scholarly Activity reporting section has also been eliminated. Faculty should continue to submit research and scholarly activity via the Faculty tab of the my.scranton portal, from which chairs can generate a departmental report of this activity. This report may be included as a supplemental attachment.

Department leaders are encouraged to consult with their dean or supervisor for guidance about populating content in the new report.




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