Institutional Reports

Common Data Set

2023-2024 Common Data Set (last updated 6/18/2024)

2022-2023 Common Data Set (last updated 5/19/2023)

2021-2022 Common Data Set (last updated 5/17/2022)

2020-2021 Common Data Set (last updated 6/29/2021)

Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet 2023-2024 (last updated 11/7/2023)

Fact Sheet 2022-2023 (last updated 11/29/2022)

Fact Sheet 2021-2022


Fact Book Data

Please access the following interactive Power BI Reports for Fact Book data. 

IPEDS Student Enrollment

Transfer Student Retention & Graduation Rates

IPEDS Undergraduate Student Retention & Graduation Rates


Degree Offerings

If you need access to Power BI, or have an issue logging into Power BI, please contact


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