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Glenn S. Petriello, PHR, ‘07

Born and raised in the Bronx, Glenn grew up in an Italian household rich in family tradition and faith. While growing up he was very active in his parish, working in his parish rectory as well as volunteering as an alter server for 9 years. After being influenced by the Jesuits during his high school years at Fordham Preparatory School, Glenn decided to make his way to Scranton, PA to continue immersing himself in the Jesuit tradition.  During his years at Scranton, Glenn worked at the CSASI office his sophomore year. Back then the Community Outreach Office was known as the “Center for Social Action and Service Initiatives” and to this day he still refers to the office as that despite its several name changes over the years. In addition, he volunteered with the End of the Year Drive at the end of his freshman, sophomore and junior years, attended several retreats including Bethany (freshman year), Caritas (sophomore year), Agape (junior year), Search 56 (senior year), the 3-Day and 5-Day Ignatian Silent Retreats (junior and senior year) and co-captained the Agape IV retreat his senior year. In addition to spending plenty of time at Chapman Lake, Glenn also went on several spring break service trips, which included trips to Arizona during sophomore year, New Orleans and Mississippi during junior year and a week after graduation he went to Mexico for three weeks through the International Service Program. The lessons he learned through the people he helped have inspired him to continue his efforts in being a “Man for Others” and to this day help him strive to continue to possess a unique generosity and service-oriented persona.  In December 2009, one of Glenn’s friends brought him to a Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City’s Young Professionals Committee meeting. It was as overwhelming as arriving at Chapman Lake for the first time freshman year, not knowing many people and keeping an open mind that great things can come from that one decision. After attending a few monthly meetings, Glenn felt like this was going to be a great way to give back to those less fortunate and in September 2010, he ran in the Race for the Kids (his first 4K, sponsored by the agency) and personally raised over $2,000 for the BBBS of NYC organization. Since then, he has became one of the co-chairs for the Corporate Sponsorship Committee, a sub-committee of the YPC Executive Committee, to help raise money from corporate sponsors for their annual Big Night Out event, provide fresh fundraising ideas and help raise awareness of the great work that is done through the organization. If it weren’t for meeting Pat, Cathy and Ellen at the CSASI office in 2004, Scranton life would not have been the same. Glenn would not have had the opportunity to have met amazing friends over the years, to have had the many influential service experiences  and certainly would not have had the many memories of the “good times” (including all of the harassment) to reflect on. To this day, every time Glenn hears the Starbucks Doubleshot commercial staring some guy named Glenn, he is always reminded of when he worked at the CSASI office where every time he’d walk in, someone would start chanting, “Glenn! Glenn, Glenn, Glenn!”   Glenn went onto receive his Bachelors of Science degree in Human Resources in 2007 and his Masters of Science degree in Human Resources Administration in 2008. He is currently the Assistant Vice President of Human Resources for Brookfield Investment Management Inc. in New York City. In June, 2010, he earned his Professional in Human Resources (PHR) Certification and currently resides in Hoboken, NJ.


Lindsay Webby, '08

Graduated from the U in 2008 with a BS in Business Administration.  She is originally from Long Island, NY but now lives in Hoboken, NJ. She worked at COO all four years starting right after her amazing experience with F.I.R.S.T freshman year.  She was the 2007 F.I.R.S.T team leader, which was an equally exciting, whirl-wind of an experience as working in ‘the office’ always was.   She was also on the Women’s Crew Team, and Student Government.  Currently Lindsay works in Manhattan at in the career services department. is an all-encompassing job search website that caters specifically to 100K+ candidates vying primarily for senior level roles.  She is a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW), and Executive Resume Analyst helping new members create from scratch, or brush up their resumes to start, in most cases, their first full-fledged job search since college. 


Adam Rosinski, n.S.J., '07

Adam graduated from the U in 2007 with a degree in Counseling and Theology.  While working at the “Collegiate Volunteers Office” (that was its name back then!) during his freshman year, he helped the staff start, organize, and coordinate the End of the Year Drive.  Adam also worked with student transportation to volunteer sites.  During his time in Scranton, Adam was involved with Campus Ministry (now University Ministries), the Crew Team, Residence Life, and attending Lady Royals basketball games! After graduation, he moved back to his native Philadelphia and taught high school theology for 2 years.  While at Scranton, however, he began discerning a vocation to the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) and in August of 2009, after several years of discernment, he entered the Jesuit Novitiate in Syracuse, NY.  The Novitiate is the first step of formation for men entering the Jesuits and it has thrown him into some really incredible experiences, including making the Spiritual Exercises, the 30 day silent retreat of St. Ignatius Loyola.  God-willing, in August 2011, he will profess his perpetual vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience and officially become a Jesuit and begin studies for the priesthood.


Alex Tomann, '11

Alex was born on an apple orchard in New York and currently calls Marlboro, NY his home. At the lowly age of 17 he spotted an invitation to attend a service project known as FIRST that would take place in Scranton a week before his freshman year started. By enrolling in FIRST he was sent through a whirlwind that eventually led him to be team captain his Senior year. As fast as the four years between attending and running FIRST had flown, Alex managed to invest time in other aspects of Scranton as well. As an ice hockey player, many of his weekends are filled with games; however, in the off-season he devotes at least 12 hours to Softball Saturday. Additionally, Alex thoroughly enjoys a good milkshake and can never turn down anything that is fo' FREE.  He is a recent Biochemistry graduate.


Katie Callahan, '11

Kathleen Callahan is originally from Long Island New York. She is from a family of five and loves being around lots of people! Upon her transfer to Scranton her sophomore year, she has become involved in many different activities on campus including the International Service Program, Scranton Emerging Leaders, the Coalition of Peer Educators for the Center of Health Education and Wellness as well as the Scholars in Service. In her free time she enjoys being with friends and family. She loves arts and crafts, watching movies and the Mets.  She is a recent Counseling and Human Services graduate.

mike wiencek

Michael Wiencek, '12

Michael graduated from the University of Scranton in 2012 with a B.S. in Biology and Philosophy.  He was raised in the humble woods of Fleetwood, PA.  Michael, an Eagle Scout, spent a great deal of time volunteering with the Boy Scouts of America, especially at Camp Minsi in Pocono Summit, PA.  He worked in the Community Outreach Office for all 4 years at Scranton.  He coordinated various events ranging from the Christmas Giving Tree, to End of the Year Drive, to Celebration of Service Day.  Michael also brought a Petting Zoo to campus as well as Annual Hug Days and the Make a Person Smile (MAPS) Campaign.  Michael's time in the COO helped to get him involved in various activities around campus such as Residence Life, Student Government, SEL, Urban Beats, Men's Volleyball (Captain), and many others.  He went on service trips to Mt. Vernon, Kentucky and Los Angeles, California.  Michael is quoted as saying, "I would not be the man I am today without the Community Outreach Office, they are like a second family."  After graduation, Michael headed to Yap, Micronesia for a year of service helping to start up a new Jesuit high school on the developing island.  His main goal in life is to change the world.

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