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Post-Graduation Service Opportunities

The Center for Service & Social Justice provides assistance to seniors in finding placement in one of many long-term service organizations in the United States as well as in the developing parts of the world after graduation. Taking part in a postgraduate volunteer program after graduation from The University of Scranton can be a meaningful way to serve in marginalized communities and engage questions of social justice and solidarity. Service is voluntary, but participants are provided housing, meals, and sometimes a small stipend for personal expenses.  Loan deferment may be available, but differs with each program.

Check out the many organizations on the Catholic Volunteer Network website to search by type of job, country or state, or length of desired service.

For more information and for guidance, download our Post-Graduation Service Info Sheet or contact, Director of The Center for Service & Social Justice.

(Photos from top down: JVC volunteers in Arizona; Joe Stella '11 at the Center for the Working Child in Ecuador)

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