Accessing And Logging Into The CMS

You do not need to have special software installed on your computer to use the CMS. Once you have been authorized as a CMS user, you will be able to access the CMS via the My.Scranton portal.  Simply log into your My.Scranton account, and you will see a "waffle" icon in the top right corner: 

Example of a waffle icon, which is a square consisting of three rows of three dots.

Click on the waffle icon, and a drop-down menu will open. Look for the icon that says "Web CMS." It's a three-dimensional letter "C" in white and pink. 

Example of the University of Scranton's web cms icon, which is a three-dimensional letter "C"

Click on the Web CMS icon and you’re there! You will see folders only for areas to which you have access.

If you don't see the CMS icon, submit a Royal IT Support ticket to request access to the CMS along with your division/department. 

You are required to attend a basic CMS training session after receieving access but before making edits to your content.

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