Virtual Labs

The virtual lab provides access to a wide variety of University software from your own device. The virtual lab can be accessed from any computer (Windows or Macintosh) and is accessible from any location, both on and off campus. The Microsoft Edge browser is currently not supported.

When using the virtual lab, please note that any work saved on the remote desktop will be lost when logged off or disconnected by closing the browser window. We recommend that you save your work in the cloud (such as RoyalDrive, OneDrive or D2L) or in your e-mail.

Two virtual lab offerings are available:

Remote Desktop

Remote desktop is an option that provides access to a complete Windows 10 desktop environment and all standard software that is also installed in on-campus, physical lab facilities. Remote desktop is accessible via a web browser. Please note the Microsoft Edge browser is not supported.

When using remote desktop, please note that all work will be lost when logged off of or disconnected from the remote desktop. Work in remote desktop should be saved to a cloud storage provider (e.g., OneDrive for Business, Royal Drive, Dropbox), Desire2Learn or to e-mail.

Note: Starting Monday, August 19 at 7:00 a.m., Two Step (through DUO) will be required when using our remote (VDI) environments. This change does not apply to VDI in classsrooms.

Remote Apps

Remote apps is an option that provides access to specific software titles such as SPSS, Maple, MATLAB, Minitab and Mathematica that are licensed for use through the University. VMware Horizon Client, a free download from VMware, is required to access remote apps. Remote apps does provide an option for saving work to the local desktop and/or local external storage device.

Note: When you install the VMWARE Horizon Client a restart is required. Please close all applications and save any open files before initiating the install.


Students, faculty and staff can access a variety of University computer resources from any device, at anytime from anywhere via a web browser or free, downloadable VMware Horizon Client.

To access remote apps, you need to download the VMware Horizon Client.

To request access to the virtual lab, please contact the Technology Support Center at x4357 or

Request Virtual Lab Access for a Class

Faculty members can request virtual lab access for all students enrolled in a class by contacting the Technology Support Center and providing the course CRN. If requesting virtual lab access for a class, please note the following.

  • Everyone enrolled in the course (including the faculty teaching) will be granted access to the virtual lab.
  • Graduate Assistants will not be automatically added with the course. If a GA needs access, please provide the GA’s Royal ID Number.
  • Once a course is added, it will be available for the duration of the course and will expire at the end of the course.
These services are available to all students, faculty and staff.