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Value Of College Liberal Arts Education

A college education is valuable in the following ways:

  • It demonstrates a person's ability to visualize and follow through on a 4-year goal to get a degree. In other worlds it shows perseverance. Not everyone has the ability to make this commitment.
  • It provides an opportunity to develop responsibility by breaking away from parental bonds. For many it is the first time that one has to manage finances, do laundry, fix meals, etc.
  • It allows a person to get to know himself/herself and discover his/her social and professional abilities and limitations.
  • It provides a unique opportunity to postpone the mundane work-a-day world and parental responsibilities that many people have to jump into at an early age. It allows additional time for maturation and reflection.
  • It teaches a person how to manage stress and time in preparation for life's challenges. In short it "tests your metal."
  • It is a mechanism by which employers can cull out applicants. College graduates are generally more knowledgeable, responsible, and ambitious than those who did not get a college degree. Who would you want to hire?

A liberal arts college education provides the following:

  • The ability to sample many subjects and find something you will love for the rest of your life -in other words, to find your passion. It allows one to investigate a variety of topics vicariously to ferret out unknown interests, strengths and weaknesses. I like to say each course one takes has the potential to turn on "lights" in the mind where previously there may have only been darkness. As an example, I was required to take an Art History course that was not in my major and was subsequently surprised that afterwards I began to read articles on the history of art that previously I would have overlooked. I also changed my major while in college as I discovered that my real interest was in Biology and not Pharmacy or Veterinary Medicine.
  • A well rounded education teaches the basics of communication and math that stand anyone in good stead no matter what career he/she chooses.

In short, a liberal arts college education generally makes a person healthier, wealthier, and wiser than a person without a degree.

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