Consultant on World Book Encyclopedia section on "Ants" (1979).

Consultant on filming honey ant segment in Colorado Springs for television show "That's Incredible" (1981).

Visiting Scientist - Chicago Academy of Sciences - exhibits on Galapagos Islands and Dinosaurs (Summer 1985).

Consultant on Cincinnati Zoo Collection Expedition to the Southwestern Research Station in Arizona (July 1985)

Consultant on filming honey ants for BBC (Summer 1986). Used in "The Body Snatchers," a National Geographic Explorer program on ants (April, 1988)

Consultant for honey ant information in National Geographic Magazine article "A harsh awakening: Australia" (July 2000)

Consultant for Collectors Cars on Honey ants in National Geographic World Magazine (September 2000)

Developer of storyboard for Carbohydrate digestion and absorption animation in Interactions CD 6, Energy Acquisitions and Use: the Digestive System and Metabolism. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. (2002)

Consultant on honey ant information in Gross Universe: Your Guide to All Disgusting Things Under the Sun by Jeff Szpirglas

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