Design & Construction Management

 Class of 2020

 New tennis courts construction completed.


Our Design and Construction department is a service organization responsible for the engineering, planning, documentation, construction, renovation, repair, and maintenance of all University buildings and facilities. The department provides and administers utilities, architectural and engineering services and annual capital programs. Our goal is to provide these services in a manner consistent with the University of Scranton's standards of excellence.


  • James L. Caffrey, Associate Vice President, Facilities Management
  • Francis Kranick, Project/CAD Manager


Class of 2020 Gateway Lettering - Completed
Library HVAC Replacement Phase 3 - Construction planned for summer 2021 for 3rd floor.
STT HVAC Phase 2 - Construction planned for summer 2021 for 4th and 5th floros east.
Mechanical Engineering Labs (1st floor Hyland) - Construction 60% complete.
New Tennis Courts - Completed.
Cyber Security (5th Floor, O'Hara) - Construction completed.
QAA Roof Access Safety Steps - Construction completed