Volunteering and Service

Not all volunteer endeavors need to be clinical.

Students benefit immensely from dedicating their time to community groups and non-profit organizations working to improve local communities.

On campus, the Center for Service and Social Justice is a great resource for helping students identify service opportunities that align with their interests. 

The center can connect you with a work you're passionate about! For instance:

  • helping refugees learn English 
  • distributing meals to homeless individuals
  • helping elementary-school children with homework and reading
  • keeping elderly citizens active and engaged
  • providing care to stray animals
There are also several student clubs on campus for pre-health students to participate in. Below is a listing of just a few that connect closely to pre-health interests:
  • AFYA: The Global Health Club
  • Colleges Against Cancer
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Health Professions Organization (HPO)
  • Health Promotion Club
  • Healthy Minds Club
  • Kindness for Chemo
  • Pre-Physician Assistant Club
  • Pre-Veterinary Club
  • Ready Set Brush! (Pre-Dental Club)
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