Applying to Health Professions Schools


We offer many resources for students and alums applying to health professions schools. Through individual advising appointments and meetings of the Health Professions Organization, students learn about:

  • application requirements (including standardized tests)
  • centralized application services
  • application timelines

We also help prospective applicants to health professions schools consider the optimal time frame for their applications. 

Many students apply to professional schools of their choice during the summer between their junior and senior year of college but a growing number of prospective applicants choose to delay their application either to the end of their last year of college or apply a year or two (or longer) after completing their undergraduate education.

According to the data from the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), “more than half (59.9 percent) of 2015 matriculating medical students indicated in the AAMC’s “Matriculating Student Questionnaire” that there was a gap of at least one year between their college graduation and matriculation to medical school.”

There is no rule that you must apply at the end of your 3rd year of college. Applying to professional schools is an intense and time-consuming process, and your priority should be applying when you feel you are the most competitive applicant you can be! 

What to Think About Before Applying

There are many factors to consider when deciding when to apply:  
  • completion of the required pre-requisite courses
  • consideration of your cumulative GPA, science GPA, and your GPA trends over time
  • understanding the Health Professions Evaluation Committee (HPEC) process and adhering to the deadlines
  • sufficient preparation for and strong performance on the  standardized exam
  • development of your personal statement
  • creating a list of schools appropriate for your metrics and experiences, and calculating the application costs
  • preparing for the centralized application service and understanding the rolling admission process.

Applicants who apply to health professions schools in the US complete the centralized application one full year before they plan on matriculating. For example, if your goal is to start medical school in the fall of 2024, you will need to apply through application portals starting in late spring/early summer of 2023.