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Articles by Vaclav Nelhybel

A Creative Climate for Composers
The Instrumentalist, August 1970: 18-19

A Renaissance of Church Music
The Instrumentalist, December 1967: 37

An Approach to Analysis of a Score
School Musician, February 1981, 52/6: 8-10

How I Discovered Music
The Instrumentalist, October 1973: 42

Joseph Fuchs--Master Teacher
The Instrumentalist, May 1968: 52

Percussion Notation
The Instrumentalist, June 1975: 56

The Composer Conducts
The Instrumentalist, November 1974: 42-43

The Most Needed Change
The Instrumentalist, June 1967: 35-37

The Talent is Here!
The Music Journal, 1968 Anthology: 29, 98-99

The Talent is Here!
In They Talk About Music, Vol. 2.
Rockville Centre: Belwin/Mills Publishing Corp., 1971: 104-107

Time in Your Hands
The Instrumentalist, September 1977: 47-49

Articles about Vaclav Nelhybel

Bath, Harry D.
Pflichtstuecke fuer Friedrichshafen:
Trittico von Vaclav Nelhybel
Clarino Blaesermusik International,April 2001: 10-12

Bath, Harry D.
Vaclav Nelhybel's Trittico:
A Symphonic Painting in Sound
The Instrumentalist, May 2002: 32-36

Bergliaffa, Lara
Vaclav Nelhybel zum
hundersten Geburtstag
Vaclav Nelhybel aurait cent ans
Il centenario di Vaclav Nelhybel
Unisono, September 2019

Bird, Hubert
Remembering Nelhybel
The Instrumentalist, January 2017: 22-25

Blahnik, Joel
Nelhybel's Concept of Conducting
The Instrumentalist, December 1968: 33-36

Boonshaft, Peter Loel
A Conversation with Vaclav Nelhybel
NBA Journal, May 1995: 7-9

Boonshaft, Peter Loel
A Life Spent Meaningfully
NBA Journal, December 1996: 7-8

Boonshaft, Peter Loel
Discovering a Treasure of 160 Nelhybel Works
The Instrumentalist, January 1998: 68-72

Corhern, W. Hunter
A Study of Czech-American Composers Karel Husa and Vaclav Nelhybel
and Their Works Music for Prague and Symphonic Movement
Masters Thesis: Graduate College of Missouri State University, May 2012 

Knight, John
Conducting Nelhybel's Festivo,
Greatness in Grade 3 Music
The Instrumentalist, January 1996: 18-22

Michaelides, Peter
Nelhybel - Composer for Concert Band
Music Educators Journal, April 1968: 51-53
Analysis of Nelhybel's Cantata Pacis

Milanovich, Donna
Nelhybel Premiere
Flute Talk, January 1993: 27-28

Neilson, James
Amor Eruditionis-Imaginatio-CAntus
The School Musician, February 1980: 8-11
Discussion of Nelhybel's America

Paynter, John P.
New Music Reviews
The Instrumentalist, June 1971: 46-47
Review of Nelhybel's Two Symphonic Movements

Sewrey, Jim
Vaclav Nelhybel
Ludwig Drummer (no date), VII/2: 18-19, 42-43
Nelhybel's use of percussion instruments

Smith, G. Jean
Spotlight on Vaclav Nelhybel
NSOA Bulletin, November 1977: 7

Tietze, William
A Nelhybel Clinic with Focus on Musicianship
The Instrumentalist, October 1969: 71-72

Meet the Composer: Vaclav Nelhybel
Accent, March/April 1978: 23-24

Meet the Composer: Vaclav Nelhybel
The Instrumentalist, July 1982: 19-20

The Fun of Music: A Special Occasion
Company, July 1984: 4-5
Article about Nelhybel premiering his Agon at
The University of Scranton


Smith, Norman, and Albert Stoutamire. Band Music Notes. Revised ed. San Diego: Kjos West, 1979: 167-70

Whitwell, David, and Acton Ostling, Jr., comps. Nelhybel, Vaclav. Symphonic Requiem. In The College and University Band. Reston: Music Educators National Conference, 1977: 257-58

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