Mindy Farley, '11

Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor

Pennsylvania Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, Wilkes-Barre District Office

Why should people choose to attend the Rehabilitation Counseling program here at Scranton?

"I feel that you can receive the best education from a prestigious school, with the most supportive professors."

What sets this program apart?

"CACREP accredited, unique connections to the community, ongoing support."

What did you appreciate about the program?

"Having professors and mentors that felt more like family, had an open door policy for support and guidance."

How did it prepare you for your current role?

"Presentations on potential career opportunity and support from my mentor in assisting me with an internship that turned into my career.

I knew from day one that I wanted to be a counselor, and upon meeting the professors in the CHS program I knew that I would stay at the U of S for my MS in Rehabilitation Counseling. Hands on experience through volunteer work, special projects, practicum, and internships allowed me to feel fully confident in my ability as a counselor, while still receiving feedback and guidance along the way.

My professors all knew my name, my goals and aspirations, and were always willing and available to answer questions and provide me the resources needed to be successful. And Dr. Bruch, as my mentor throughout the years, helped make it possible for me to obtain my internship, which has now become my career.

The confidence I gained through the program and through mentoring is part of what helped me to enter school yet again last year so that I may add PhD to my name and expertise. So many other friends/students that I had met in other schools, and even other programs, were not able to say the same, so that just confirmed my feelings that our program was special."

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