Liam Mooney, '19

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Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor

Private/Forensic Rehabilitation

The program at The University of Scranton is a truly unique one. People tend to use that term frequently, but it could not be truer for an experience at The University of Scranton. Beginning my master’s program back in 2016, I did not have a solid a prediction of where I would end up after graduation, but I had an idea. I found that after completing my undergraduate degree in 2015, I thought I knew where I wanted to go however, through the Rehabilitation Counseling program I found myself discovering who I was and how to utilize my talents and skills in a way that not only helped others, but helped me. In a sense, The University of Scranton provided me the spiritual, academic, and professional freedom to begin to find myself and continue to grow. This is something I greatly appreciated and found unique during my time here. Being able to do this prepared me for the world of work and to have flexibility in my professional and personal identities. At The University of Scranton, one is given the opportunity to put themselves out there, try new things, discover new parts of themselves, and grow; these are all possible if one wants it. Something that I learned on the way through my undergraduate and graduate programs at Scranton is that you may know what you want, or where you want to end up but the journey to get there is the most rewarding and important parts, and what you learn from that makes you, you. The most important part for a seed growing into a great tree is how it is cared for.

The work I do allows me to be involved in other aspects of rehabilitation counseling that may not be “Traditional”. Being involved in the forensic/legal aspects of rehabilitation counseling has opened my eyes up to a whole different world of work, advocacy, and understanding. Working in this field, I have been to Social Security hearings in Harrisburg, performed testing and attended interviews for lead paint litigation in Baltimore, and attended vocational evaluations for personal injury, wrongful death, and divorce cases. There truly is not one case that is the same and no one day is the same when working in private forensic rehabilitation counseling.

Liam Mooney, M.S., CRC,

Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, Private/Forensic Rehabilitation

December 2019
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