Natalie Davison, '18

Natalie Davison portrait

Director of Learning Support and Disability Services at The College of Idaho

Why should people choose to attend the Rehabilitation Counseling program HERE at the U. of S. ?
The mentorship and hands-on experiences offered in this program prepare counselors to work with a passionate competency.

What makes us unique /special ?
The counseling professors are there every step to help you grow and find your path.

What did you appreciate about the program?
The supervision experience in the Rehab Counseling program allowed me to gain the confidence and skills I use every day.

How did it prepare you for your current role?
After this program, there is nothing my job throws at me that I don't feel equip to handle.

I entered the Rehabilitation Counseling program with a Bachelors of Science in Disability and Community Services. I knew I was a disability professional, but had just begun to identify as a counselor. The Rehab Counseling program taught me to be a counselor, and enhanced my disability education. My practicum experience counseling undergraduate students provided a great foundation to refine my counseling skills. My internship experience in the University of Scranton's Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence provided me hands-on experience with my population of interest, college students with disabilities. These two experiences were enhanced by professional development opportunities, such as conferences or research presentations. These experiences gave me the qualifications to transition into a Director role after graduation. Now, I am able to help students with disabilities access educational opportunities. In my current job, I have successfully initiated architectural renovations, including remodeled ramps and installing additional door openers. Now, I am able to use my counseling skills to help students with disabilities transition into the world of work with the same competency and confidence I left the University of Scranton with.

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