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The Office of Student Support and Success (OSSS) is dedicated to the academic success of our international students. We support their educational pursuits by providing programs that promote reading, listening, and writing skills in English. Our office provides a safe and comfortable environment for English Language Learners looking to enhance their academic experience by strengthening their language skills.

Conversation Partners Program

The Conversation Partners Program is a joint resource provided through a partnership with the Language Learning Center. It is designed to match international students with native, English-speaking students for language practice through informal and friendly conversation. The program promotes and encourages cultural awareness and understanding, which helps international students transition to U.S. culture and academic life. It provides both participants the opportunity to see the world from another perspective and create a rewarding new friendship.

Benefits of the Conversation Partners Program:

  • Practice speaking and listening to English in a conversational tone
  • Build your confidence in speaking English
  • Ask specific questions about American culture or university life
  • Make new friendships and connections with peers

To request a conversation partner, please sign up on the Language Learning Center site.

For more information about Conversation Partners please contact the Language Learning Center Director, Hannah Jackson

Writing Partners Program

Our Writing Partners Program allows international students to meet with the same tutor at the same time every week to work on specific writing skills rather than working on a single paper. The tutor and student will work on collaborative writing projects, like editing wiki pages on topics of interest, in order to develop field specific vocabulary and language knowledge.

To sign up or to request more information, please contact the Writing Center Coordinator, Corinne Nulton

Writing Center

The Writing Center is a beneficial resource for international students interested in strengthening their writing skills. Students meet with specially trained consultants who can provide feedback on their written assignments. Consultants can help students interpret texts, navigate academic expectations, and overcome language barriers.

To make an appointment with the Writing Center, students must:

  1. Log into my.scranton
  2. Click self-service
  3. Click on the Student Services & Financial Aid Menu
  4. Click on the OSSS Menu
  5. Choose Writing Center Scheduler

For more detailed instructions, you can watch our video tutorial on how to schedule a Writing Center appointment.

Critical Reading Strategies

The OSSS provides individual reading instruction for international students. Students will focus on key skills that aid comprehension, such as activating and building upon prior knowledge, contextualizing the work in order to build a connection, identifying unfamiliar terms, and summarizing short passages.  These strategies build upon students’ existing knowledge and help them relate to important themes and concepts.

To make an appointment, please email Corinne Nulton

The Resource Blog

The peer tutors who work in the University of Scranton’s Writing Center have curated a variety of online writing resources to help students develop their writing skills. This includes items like APA templates, graphic organizers, research logs, and variety of other tools. Consultants also share tips, strategies, and blogs about how they have overcome writing challenges. Check out resources for English Language Learners on this link to Scranton Writes.
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