Tutoring Services

How can I access tutoring services?

You can complete the online tutoring request form on MyScranton.

1) Log on to my.scranton.edu

2) On the Home page, locate the display card labeled Launchpad

3) In the Launchpad, Click on Self Service

4) In the Student Services and Financial Aid tab click on OSSS Menu

5) Click on Tutor Request Form

6) Read all information and check the box on the bottom of the page (make sure the current semester is displayed).

7) Select the course for which you need tutoring and finish completing the form.

8) Submit your request.

How are tutors assigned?

1) Once you submit a request, you will receive an email with the tutor(s) name and email address.

2) The assigning time is usually a week but may be longer in case a tutor is not readily available for a particular course.

3) The tutor will email you to schedule your first tutoring session.

4) It is your responsibility to respond to the tutor’s email promptly and meet with the tutor on a weekly basis for the entire semester.

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