Eligibility for accommodation is determined through an interactive process between the individual student and the OSSS. If eligibility for an accommodation is denied, the student may choose to pursue an informal or formal appeal through the following processes.


The student should contact the Manager of the OSSS in writing to discuss any concerns about the denied accommodation. The Manager has the responsibility to consider the student's request and respond to the student's concerns in a timely manner. The student has the responsibility to identify to the Manager the nature of the appeal and to explain why the student believes the accommodation determination was made in error.

Accommodation Grievance Process

If a student remains unsatisfied after an appeal has been sought, the student may choose to pursue a grievance through the following process:

1. Student is responsible for submitting an Accommodation Grievance Form to the Executive Director of Equity and Diversity * within five (5) business days of the denial by the Director.

2. Once the grievance is received, the Executive Director of Equity and Diversity or their designee will review the grievance in light of all relevant information and applicable law.

3. The student will be notified in writing of the final decision (ordinarily within 30 days from the time the grievance is received).

Elizabeth M. Garcia
Executive Director and Title IX Coordinator
The University of Scranton
The Office of Equity and Diversity
Institute of Molecular Biology & Medicine, Suite 315
(570) 941-6645

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