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Student Notification Letters and Test Requests Through Accommodate

Accommodate is the tool that enables the disability services office in the OSSS to manage accommodation requests and other services that accompany the requests. Faculty members are requested to adhere to the following guidelines for students with documented disabilities who require academic accommodations (i.e. extended test taking time/use of a computer). 

With the implementation of Accommodate, faculty members will receive Student Accommodation Letters for students with disabilities registered with the Office os Student Support & Success (OSSS) in electronic format directly in Accommodate.

When students decide to take their examinations in the OSSS, they submit an Exam Booking Request through  Accommodate.  Faculty members are asked to follow the steps outlined below. 

  1. Once an Exam Booking Request has been submitted by a student, the faculty member will receive an email prompting them to verify the specifics of each exam, including dates, times, permissible equipment or tools, and will also be prompted to upload their exam via the Accommodate system.  The faculty members are still welcome to drop off the exam in person.
  2. Once the exam request is verified, faculty members will receive a confirmation email.  Exams should be uploaded 48 hours in advance of the exam date.  In cases where exams have not been uploaded, a reminder email will be generated by Accommodate.  

 Examinees should not be bringing examinations to the OSSS. 

  1. In those instances when faculty members do not provide a student's examination to the OSSS by the specified exam time, it is incumbent upon the faculty member to make alternate arrangements to provide the testing accommodation for the student. 
  2. Completed hard copy examinations will be returned to the faculty member by a OSSS staff member or work study student within 24 hours after the exam is administered. 
  3. If the exam will be administered via D2L, faculty members are responsible for extending the time in D2L as specified in the Student Accommodation Letter.  For assistance with this, please contact D2Lsupport@scranton.edu

Log In - Accommodate

To review a Student Accommodation Letter 

  • Click Accommodation Letters on the left navigation menu
  • Click the letter; beneath the letter, you will see the name of the student, the course and date
  • Click Save

Note: If you have multiple letters, you can select "more filters" and search by semester and course.

To upload an exam and answer pertinent questions about the exam

  • Click Courses on the left navigation bar
  • Click on the Course name
  • Click the EXAM tab
  • Click Add New Exam to add a new exam
  • Complete the Faculty Notification FORM
  • Upload your exam in the Attachment field by clicking Upload File
  • If there are multiple students in the same section requesting to take the same exam in the OSSS, click YES to "Apply the Exam to all records
  • Click Submit

Log In - Accommodate

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact the OSSS by phone at ext. 4038 or email at ossstesting@scranton.edu

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