Guidelines for Internship in Operations Management or Electronic Commerce

The Operations and Information Management (OIM) Department offers two major programs of study:  Operations Management (OM) and Electronic Commerce (EC). 

  • As one of the core functional areas of an organization, OM deals with the effective management of businesses in the manufacturing and service areas through effective and efficient utilization of resources in the production of goods and services.
  • EC deals with the technology used to deliver online business solutions by integrating information and telecommunication technologies, the Internet and the World Wide Web.

Consistent with the OIM Department’s commitment to offering high-quality major programs of study and its objective to provide experiential learning for its students, the OIM Department accepts internships for credit in both the OM and EC programs. Objectives fulfilled by participating in an internship program include: 

(1)  Providing students with a practical on-the-job experience that relates to the theory, concepts, and tools covered in the coursework of their major;

(2)  Allowing students an opportunity to apply what he/she has learned in the classroom and to actively engage his/her abilities and interests in a professional environment; and

(3)  Providing students with a means for developing professional contacts and networking with practitioners to aid in career advancement.

Internship opportunities are available for those students who qualify. The ideal internship would allow the student to complete a project which makes a contribution to the organization above and beyond participating in the daily activities of the firm. A student may take part in only one three-credit internship with the credits applied to the free elective area. A minimum of 90 hours is required to fulfill three credits.

The student must apply for approval prior to the start of the internship according to the procedures outlined by the Kania School of Management (see Process for Seeking Academic Credit for Internships). This requires an initial review and approval from the department chair, followed by final approval from the faculty sponsor. It is the faculty sponsor who makes the final decision regarding workload requirements for earning three credits; therefore the student must discuss internship duties and learning objectives with her/his faculty sponsor in the OIM department. In addition to the academic requirements agreed upon (see Academic Requirements Agreement), the student will be required to submit a quarterly progress report (mid-semester) and a final report to the faculty internship sponsor. The student’s performance will be evaluated by both the OIM faculty internship sponsor and the internship supervisor at the firm at least twice, preferably in the middle and at the end of the internship period. The student may also choose to complete a self-evaluation.


Contact Information:

Jason Schwass, Assistant Director for Student Internships, Kania School of Management

Location: 330 Brennan Hall
Phone: (570) 941-4029

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