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Benefits of Completing an Internship

  • Students gain on-the-job experience that relates to the theories and concepts introduced in their courses.
  • They can apply what they've learned in class and engage their abilities and interests in a professional environment.
  • They begin to develop professional contacts who can help with job searches and career advancement.


Students can complete only one 3-credit internship, with the credits applied to the free elective area of the curriculum. To fulfill three credits, the internship must comprise 90 hours.

Application Process for Academic Credit

  • The student must apply for approval according to the procedures outlined by the Kania School
  • The student must ask an Operations and Analytics faculty member to serve as the internship sponsor.
  • The department chairperson must review and approve the application, followed by final approval from the faculty sponsor.
  • The student must meet with the Kania School's internship director and complete the necessary paperwork.

During the Internship

  • The student must submit a quarterly progress report (mid-semester) and a final report to the faculty sponsor.
  • The student's performance must be evaluated at least twice, by both the faculty sponsor and the internship supervisor at the company.
  • The student may also complete a self-evaluation if he or she chooses.

Tobyhanna Army Depot Internship

The department partners with the Tobyhanna Army Depot on internships for our students. 

Qualified students are selected for internships at the facility, which is located 25 miles southeast of Scranton. All of the depot's internship opportunities fall under the federal Pathways Internship Program and are announced on the USAJOBS website.

Internship Testimonial

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The Operations and Analytics Department accepts internships for credit in both the operations management and business analytics programs. It's part of our commitment to experiential learning. In an ideal internship, the student would be allowed to complete a project that contributes to the company above and beyond participating in the firm's daily activities.


Jason Schwass, Senior Director of Student Success
330 Brennan Hall
phone: (570)-941-4029


KSOM Internship Office

The Gerard R. Roche Center for Career Development

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