Matthew Reynolds

Biology and Biophysics Majors
Class of 2018

The Genesis of a Research Scientist

Matthew has begun to pursue a career as a research scientist. In both his majors, biology and biophysics, he combined rigorous learning in the classroom with a wide range of high-level research experiences. Matthew is also the recipient of a prestigious Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship

On Individualized Attention

“Because our classes are small, professors can give individual attention to students and challenge them at the appropriate level. The friendly relationships with professors, and with students, have allowed me to thrive.”

On Pursuing Research

“I began doing research in the spring of my freshman year. That experience led to a competitive summer internship with the Wadsworth Center, a part of the New York State Department of Health. There, I researched flagella and algae. I also researched yeast in collaboration with the research group at the South China University of Technology. We were able to have our research published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.”

On Further Research Experience

“On my return to Scranton, I was able to continue my summer research project, collaborating with my mentor at the Wadsworth Center and Dr. Gomez at The University of Scranton. We sent research samples to the group in China and communicated with them over Skype. This work led to two additional research internships at the Wadsworth Center.”

Read more about him, here.

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