Andrew Charway


Computer Engineering Major, Mathematics Minor
Class of 2019


My research entails the design, simulation and fabrication of bio-sensors. I will be combining graphene with plasmonic surfaces to enhance the detection properties of the bio-sensor.

Why Scranton?

I chose Scranton because of the size of the school and I understood the importance of a Jesuit education since I graduated from a Cristo Rey Jesuit High school.

Engineering at Scranton

The labs are something about my major I like, especially the modern physics lab. I am able to conduct experiments based on theory I studied in class. The labs are equipped to provide the students with instruments necessary to complete these experiments.

The Physics and Engineering department faculty are very supportive and helpful. The professors literally leave their doors open to welcome students who have any questions and also act as advisors, answering any questions students may have concerning career choices. I remember having multiple conversations with Dr. Varonides, Dr. Berger and Dr. Zakzewski on my decision to further my education and graduate school. Dr. Mulhall, my modern physics professor, was the one who brought the NanoSAFE REU to my attention and even wrote a recommendation letter for me. I am so grateful to be educated by professors who care for their students and push them to succeed.

Through the advice and support of the Physics and Engineering faculty, I have decided to pursue my PhD. The faculty has taught me to be curious, observant and responsible which has helped me prepare for the real world after graduation.

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