Headshot of Robert Waldeck

Robert Waldeck

Associate Professor, Director of Neuroscience Program


LSC 273 | 570-941-4324

Examines neural basis of behavior modification of synapses and neural circuits under normal and injured conditions (regeneration and depression) in fish. Techniques used include behavioral analysis, in vivo microsurgery, histological staining, extra and intracellular electrophysiology and use of transgenic zebrafish.

Headshot of Yaodong Bi

Yaodong Bi


Computing Sciences

LSC 193 | 570-941-6108

Headshot of Bryan Burnham

Bryan Burnham

Associate Professor


AMH 205 | 570-941-6687

His Human Attention Lab (HAL) examines factors that govern the control of attention, interference and executive attention, working memory, object attention, and the neuroscience of attention. His research interests include mechanisms of selective attention, visual attention, interference and executive (conscious) control and object perception/attention.

Headshot of J Timothy Cannon

J Timothy Cannon



LSC 295 | 570-941-4266

Research interests include effects of prenatal exposure to Tylenol in mice and how human facial characteristics are related to: intelligence, personality, and political attitudes

Headshot of Ashley Driver

Ashley Driver

Assistant Professor


LSC 375 | 570-941-4536

B.S., University of Wisconsin - Madison
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin - Madison

Dr. Driver’s research incorporates cellular, molecular, and developmental biology to understand mechanisms of early mammalian forebrain development. Her current work involves using human and mouse cell lines to investigate the impact cholesterol biosynthesis has on neural cell structure and function. Dr. Driver will be teaching Cellular Biology (BIOL 350) and Developmental Biology (BIOL 351) lectures and laboratories in Academic Year (AY) 2020-21.

Headshot of Jason Graham

Jason Graham

Assistant Professor


LSC 319A | 570-941-7491

Mathematical modeling of biological phenomenon. In particular, I am interested in the mathematical biology of physiology and behavior.

Headshot of Christie Karpiak

Christie Karpiak



AMH 219 | 570-941-5886

Her clinical interests include children and adolescents, family therapy, and personality disorders. Her research interests include the role of interpersonal interactions in the following: the development of behavioral and emotional problems in children; psychotherapy process and outcome; and the development of personality patterns.

Headshot of Gary Kwiecinski

Gary Kwiecinski



LSC 292 | 570-941-6387

Asks how animals, bats, adapt and evolve in a changing world. Besides vision and hearing, asking how other senses, particularly mechanosensors (e.g., Merkle cells) help bats discriminate foods to avoid. Asking how climate changes affect water resources and bat behavior, and changes in bat phylogeography of island populations, particularly for wildlife management perspectives.

Headshot of Jerry Muir

Jerry Muir



LSC 293 | 570-941-6103

Studies if, when, or how classical results from the theory of univalent functions of one complex variable can be generalized to spaces of finite or infinite complex dimension, where the roads have more potholes than in NEPA. Recently, he has considered classes of operators that extend one-variable mappings to higher dimensions in a manner preserving particular geometric characteristics of the mappings’ ranges.

Headshot of Patrick Orr

Patrick Orr

Assistant Professor


AMH 208 | 570-941-7896

Research interests emphasize steroidal and environmental influences on memory, with a recent focus on prenatal exposures. I utilize both human and mouse studies, with techniques including behavioral analysis, histological analysis of brain, and Western blotting.

Headshot of Marc Seid

Marc Seid

Associate Professor


LSC 274 | 570-941-7970

Behavioral neurobiology and brain morphology in ants. Modeling studies of brain structural changes. Recently developed an addiction model in ants. Techniques used include behavioral analysis, ant brain dissection, immunofluorescence microscopy, and High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) biochemical assays.

Headshot of Jong-Hyun Son

Jong-Hyun Son

Assistant Professor


LSC 372 | 570-941-6216

Currently researching cellular and molecular strategies for understanding synaptic connectivity related to adaptive behavior and cognition using a zebrafish model. The zebrafish model can be used as model for developmental and molecular neurobiology, genetics, and behavioral neuropharmacology.

Headshot of Jill Warker

Jill Warker

Assistant Professor


AMH 221 | 570-941-7027

Her research interests include learning, memory, language production, and language acquisition.

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