Women's and Gender Studies

About the Program

Welcome to the Women’s and Gender Studies program!

The Women’s and Gender Studies program offers a six course Women’s and Gender Studies concentration that can be used to supplement any other academic major and a major that can be completed alone or as a double-major. 

The program boasts more than 20 faculty members and offers a very wide range of courses.

Why study Women’s and Gender Studies?

Because it matters:   The Women’s and Gender Studies Major and Concentration provide an integrated, interdisciplinary approach to understanding the social and cultural constructions of gender that shape the experiences of women and men in society. The curriculum offers a solid foundation in women’s and gender studies, facilitating graduate study and careers involving gender justice and preparing students for leadership roles in diverse workplaces and communities. 

Because it’s cool:  Women’s and gender studies is relevant now more than ever.  Development agencies such as the World Bank and the United Nations are focusing much of their development efforts on women, finally realizing that women, who remain the primary caretakers of children, have a vested interest in the future and have developed survival skills and knowledge bases that are often more sustainable than mainstream development models.  Women are increasingly taking on positions of leadership in both the public and private sectors.  Academic disciplines are reorganizing themselves to better account for women’s contributions to culture, the arts, and knowledge.  It is important for men and women to have an historical understanding of women’s roles and how they are changing, to learn to value women’s contributions and insights, and to understand gender and its intersection with race and class.  Women’s and Gender Studies has evolved in the last forty years, developing sophisticated inter- and multi-disciplinary research methodologies and approaches to understanding both our past and our future.  Women’s and Gender Studies develops  and men and women who are leaders for others--social change agents who understand the historical, cultural, social, and political causes of oppression and who can think creatively about how to make a more just world. 

Because it’s practical:  Because of the growing importance of women's concerns globally, undergraduates who enroll in Women's and Gender Studies are well prepared for professional programs in law, medicine, and business, as well as graduate programs in social work, education, and arts and sciences. Indeed, students who major or concentrate in Women's and Gender Studies, whether or not they choose to go on to professional or graduate school, are especially well positioned to work in education, policy institutions, development, media, social work, and the private sector.